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Monday, October 14, 2013

Smily Sky

Smily Sky

Japanese Name: スマイリースカイ
Literal Translation: Smily Sky
Released: February 2003
Original Japanese: WWW

Don't you look at the sky and your spirit is cheerful and your mood becomes happy? Furthermore, as spring approaches, you begin to long for more than ever blue skies. This is exactly the feeling of the "Smily Sky" series! Just wait and it is expected that surely your mood will become happy!!

空を見ると心がウキウキしたり、ハッピーな気分になりませんか? しかも、春が近づくにつれ、一層青空がこいしくなるものですよね。 そんな気持ちにピッタリのシリーズが「スマイリースカイ」! 待っているだけできっとハッピーな気分になれるはず!!


Lovely clouds and blue skies... the weather is still so nice these days! I'm not looking forward to cold winter...

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