May 4, 2012 - Thank you to everyone who has been visiting. I plan to update weekly now so be sure to check back every Monday for a new crazy cute character! Requests are very welcome and so far Mamegoma, Rilakkuma, and Nyan Nyan Nyanko have been requested and are in the process.... please be patient as there is a lot of information about them! Please keep spreading the word about the cuteness of San-X!!!


Welcome to my translation project. I am translating San-X characters because I want as many people as possible to learn about San-X so that San-X becomes more popular and then there are more cute San-X characters and merchandise.  I am particularly trying to help make San-X popular in the English-speaking world.  San-X characters are unique from other characters since they have so many allusions to aspects of Japanese culture. Therefore, I am also pointing out parts of Japanese culture through these San-X characters so that people can learn about Japanese culture and actually understand the levels of craziness of these characters.   So, please look around and learn!  Maybe you can even find a new favorite character. Use the search to find characters specific to your interests (i.e. hedgehog, seal, cheese, dumpling, onigiri, mochi) or just explore!

This site was created in February 2009 as part of my hobby for translating cute things and for my research. I have no ties to San-X, and the characters, etc. are all copyright their respective owners.

Endless thanks to Nick who I bother constantly with translation questions since he knows EVERYTHING!  Also thanks to Emmy, Nao, Sensei, and so many random other Japanese people who have helped me figure out a kanji character or explain some grammar!

Please feel free to send me requests for which character you want translated next!  All high quality scans/images with Japanese for translation or to put up are very much appreciated.  If anyone is interested in joining this project (translating, scanning, ideas, etc), email me!  :)




I graduated with a B.A. in Japanese with honors, and went to work in a Japanese IP Law Firm for 2.5 years. I finally passed the JLPT N2 after three attempts, and now do translation in my free time to keep my studies up to date. I moderate two communities on LiveJournal, Shinpai_Nothing for Japanese lyrics translations, and Parasitic_Root, a lyrics, blog, and website translation community for the Japanese band Sel'm.

I have been crazy about San-X since 2001 and I am excited to be spreading the San-X passion! I hope that San-X will continue to grow in popularity and I hope that this translation project might help just a little.

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  1. I love this site so VERY much! I love to learn about all the different characters since I cannot read Japanese- this site is so helpful! Thank you so much for the time and effort you do to make this site!!! I love it! Thank you so very much! xoxoxo

    1. I'm glad you are finding these translations useful. Thank you for visiting and please keep visiting for more San-X craziness!!

  2. OMGGG why i just found out about this blog just now >.<
    I absolutely love your blog guys! Thanks very much for provide these translations.
    It makes me more and more in love with san-x characters :)

    May I request something? I'd like to learn more about San-x Toromi characters.
    So if it's possible, please work on it.

    Thanks so much in advance and keep it up the good work ^o^

    1. Ok I just saw that you have translated Toromi >.< my bad. Gomenasai! D:

    2. Thank you for visiting and I'm glad you are learning more about San-X! Toromi is super cute and I'm glad you liked the translation. :) Please keep visiting for more San-X cuteness!!!

  3. This site is excellent!!! And very usefull for those beginners in San-x world. Trully love it!! <3