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Monday, October 21, 2013

Girl's School

Girl's School

Japanese Name: ガールズスクール
Literal Translation: Girl's School
Released: October 2004
Original Japanese: WWW

The school life of girls is difficult with tests and homework, but also gossip with friends, club activities, and the admired senpai1… … tons of fun things!! A series of supporting girls, this is "Girl's School." Designs using the loved by everyone checked pattern, from stationary to other goods all together not lacking in school life, the degree of attention is 120%!

Using stationary from Girl's School will surely make school life become fun.♪ The check design that appears a little British is addictive!

女の子たちのスクールライフはテストや宿題もあって大変だけど友達とのおしゃべりや部活やあこがれの先パイ…… 楽しいこともい〜〜っぱい!! そんな女の子たちを応援しちゃうシリーズが「ガールズスクール」です。 みんなの大好きなチェック柄をつかったデザインはスクールライフにかかせない文具から雑貨までそろって注目度120%だよ!

ガールズスクールの文具を使えばきっと、スクールライフが楽しくなっちゃうと思うよ♪ ちょっとイギリス風なこのチェック柄に私もハマリ中です!


The studying life... basically my life these days... very difficult! Middle and high school was pretty fun with friends and school activities though.

Translation Notes

1. Senpai (先輩) and kōhai (後輩) are terms applied to the mentor system in wide use in Japanese culture; often found at all levels of education, in sports clubs, businesses, and informal or social organizations. The relationship is an essential element of Japanese seniority-based status relationships, similar to the way that family and other relationships are decided based on age, in which even twins may be divided into elder and younger siblings. The senpai is roughly equivalent to the Western concept of a mentor, while kōhai is roughly equivalent to protégé, though they do not imply as strong a relationship as these words mean in the West. More simply, these may be translated as senior and junior, or as an elder compared with someone younger in the family/company/organization; the terms are used more widely than a true mentor/protégé in the West and are applied to all members of one group that are senior (the senpai) to all the members of another group (the kōhai). There is usually no average separation in age between a senpai and his or her kōhai. A junior student will often refer to senior students as "senpai", and alumni will often refer to alumni from earlier classes as "senpai". This holds true particularly if events bring them together later on, such as joining the same company, serving on a board together, or simply being in a club or parent's organization at the same time. Wikipedia: Senpai and Kohai


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