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Monday, September 16, 2013

Neko no Panya

Neko no Panya

Japanese Name: ねこのパンヤ
Literal Translation: Cat Bread Shop
Released: August 2005
Original Japanese: WWW & WWW

Friends of the bakery eagerly wait for its baked bread. The bread from this bakery is essential for everyone’s life. What kind of bread will they make today?

My name is “Panya.” This name was derived from creating freshly baked bread and its well done lightly brown color. Right now, I’m working in a bakery as a bread artisan. My days are filled with fun and friends!

When the fresh goods are ready, large numbers of customers come to buy. Above all else, the #1 most popular item is “Cat Bread,” which is kneaded with plenty of honey and done in the shape of a cat! For the eyes, we decorate with the freshest of berries that are supplied by squirrels living in the forest. Other things we sell in the store include jam and cake.

パンヤの焼くパンを仲間達は、楽しみに待っています。みんなの生活に欠がせないパニャのパン。 今日はどんなパンを作るのかな?

ぼくの名前は『パンヤ』。焼きたてのパンのこんがりキツネ色をしているからつけられた名前。 いまはパン屋でパン職人として働いているんだ。気の合う仲間たちと楽しい日々を過ごしているよ!

焼き立ての時間には、大勢のお客さんが買いに来ます。 なかでも、はちみつをふんだんに練り込んでねこの形に仕上げられた「ねこぱん」は一番人気! 目のところには森の木アパートに住むりすのナッツ一家のとこるで仕入れた新鮮なペリーで飾っています。 他にも店内にはジャムやケーキ等も売っています。

Panya no Pan Tsukuri no Shishou Bagelsan
The Breadshop's Bread Making Master, Mr. Bagel

Bagelsan is looking to discover new types of bread right now, so he’s off to travel the world!

パンヤのパン作りのベーグルさん ベーグルさんは、いま新しいパンを求めて世界を旅しに行ってるよ!
Bagelsan no Mago Kurowa
Mr. Bagel's Grandchild, Croix1

Kurowa is Bagelsan’s grandchild. He’s very good friends with Panya. He wants to become a chair craftsman.

パンヤとは大の仲良し。 クロワは椅子作りの職人になりたいんだって。
Bread Shop

He is the cat that bakes the bread so that it has a freshly brown color. He works in the bakery as a bread artisan. Bagel-san has entrusted responsibility of the store to Panya, and every single day he works hard and grows. Now he supplies bakery bread that has become an essential part of the dinner table for everyone in the village.

Panya no Osananajimi Nohana
Panya's Childhood Friend, Wild Flowers

Nohana is Panya’s childhood friend. She is a very sturdy, kind child. She’s always helping Panya in an elderly sister role. She’ll have tea breaks and make him herbal tea.

Risu no Nuts Ikka, Suekko 3tsu Ko
Youngest 3 of the Squirrel Nuts Family

The youngest 3 of a family of squirrels. There is a large family living in the trees of the forest. They deliver the freshest fruits and nuts to Panya, which in turn are used in Panya’s breads.

Millsan Oyako: Choppiri Shy na Chip & Kireina Mama Sugar
Mill Mother and Child: A little shy Chip & Pretty Mama Sugar

They live next door to the bakery. They are some of their best customers, coming to buy bread every day.

パン屋の隣のお家の親子。 毎日パンを買いに来てくれるお得意さん。


The cat theme continues but it was a tough one to translate... Thank you, Dani :)

Translation Notes

1. "Croix" means "cross" in French.

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