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Monday, September 23, 2013



Japanese Name: なごみまくり
Literal Translation: Overly Calming Down1
Released: February 2002
Original Japanese: WWW & WWW & WWW & WWW & WWW

Nagomimakuri is a mysterious animal in the beautiful, clear river and dense forest. Resembling a salamander, but looks a little different… A plump form and precious movement that drains strength are the charm points of this character group. The appearance in nature and leisurely living unconsciously calms one down.

Nagomimakuri are typically on the waterside and forest. Although apparently there are several types in the group.

なごみまくりは、綺麗な河や深い森にいる不思議な生き物。 さんしょううおに似ているけど、ちょっと違うみたい・・・ ふっくらしたフォームと、のたっとした動きがチャームポイントの脱力系キャラクター。 自然の中でのーんびり暮らす姿にはついついなごみまくります。


Mori no Nagomimakuri
Forest Nagomimakuri

His body is a warm, snug formation. …but his tummy is a little bit green in color. He wears a leaf on his head.

Mizu no Nagomimakuri
Water Nagomimakuri

His body is the color of water. … but his tummy is white. There are also ones with blue tummies.



Fuyu no Nagomimakuri

Japanese Name: 冬のなごみまくり
Literal Translation: Winter Nagomimakuri1
Released: November 2002
Original Japanese: WWW

Leisurely living in nature, everyone can calm down. Now nothing but relaxing with "Nagomimakuri" items. Turning towards the winter season, won't you warmly and comfortably relax with Nagomimakuri?

自然の中での~んびり暮らす姿でみんなをなごませる「なごみまくり」の今回のアイテムはリラックスできちゃうものばかり!! 冬に向かうこのシーズンになごみまくりとぬくぬくリラックスしてみませんか?

Hana no Nagomimakuri

Japanese Name: 花のなごみまくり
Literal Translation: Flower Nagomimakuri1
Released: March 2003
Original Japanese: WWW

Now Nagomimakuri is carefree in flowers. This series is complete with pretty colors and able to relax, with the particular sweet smell, you can calm down and feel at ease. Due to the pleasantly warm signs of spring, somehow can't you help it but get a good feeling? Nagomimakuri and everyone, carefree, falling in a doze… and then surprise! Growing up with a leaf on his head, a flower bloomed!! ……… cute?

今回のなごみまくりはお花の中での~んびり。 きれいなカラーとリラックスできる香りにこだわってなごんでやすらげるシリーズに仕上がりました。 ぽかぽか春めいてきたらなんだか気持ちよくってねすくなりませんか? なごみまくり達も、の〜んびり、うとうと…。そうしたらびっくり! 頭の葉っぱが育ってお花が咲いちゃいました!! ………かわいい?

Notice the spring-like Nagomimakuri

Yummy, huh? For now he eats… Drunk from flowers?
うまいかな? とりあえずくう… お花で酔うの?

Slowly swaying, where are they in the flowers?

A flower bloomed on his head while he was sleeping...


I've always wondered about this guy and what it is... now we know it's a salamander-like creature!

Translation Notes

1. "Nagomimakuri" comes from the verb "nagomu" (和む) which means "to be softened; to calm down." "Makuru" (まくる) is slang used to show excessiveness. So this salamander guy is overly calming!

2. "Kuu kuu" (くうくう) is an onomatopoeia for the breathing sound while sleeping.


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