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Monday, September 9, 2013



Japanese Name: ゾンビット
Literal Translation: Zombie Rabbit
Released: October 2013
Original Japanese: WWW

Cute rabbits became zombies! They are desperately hungry to gnaw and bite ♪

Q. What is Zombbit?
A. Zombbit is a rabbit that changed into a zombie.★ The origin is a puzzle.♪

Revealing the 3 Secrets of Zombbit★
1. Apparently very slow.

2. Desperately hungry to bite and apparently will gnaw on anything.

3. It appears that if bitten then one will be infected.

かわいいうさぎたちがゾンビになっちゃった! GAJIGAJIしたくてたまらないよ♪

Q ゾンビットってなーに?
A ゾンビットはうさぎがゾンビ化したものだよ★原因はナゾなんだって♪

1 とてもおそいらしい。
2 ガジガジしたくてなんにでもかじりついてくるらしい。
3 かじられると感染するらしい。

Slow Zombie1

Apparently this story's main character. A baby rabbit. He became a Zombbit, but from the beginning he was absentminded. It may be because his face color looked bad; when he became a Zombbit, apparently there wasn't any change at all. Now the town is full of Zombbit, on the contrary it appears to be more hygienic. Looks like there aren't any ears but really they are there it seems.

このお話の主人公らしい。ウサギのこ。 ゾンビットになっちゃったけどもともとボンヤリしていて顔色も悪かったせいかゾンビットになってもあまり変わりがないらしい。 街がゾンビットだらけの今、かえって健康的にみえるらしい。耳がないように見えるけど本当はあるらしい。

Nonbi's pet? Enigma rabbit? For some reason it seems he is at the side of Nonbi. It appears he is trembling.


Zombie Rabbits

The town's group of Zombbits. It seems they are generally gnawing somewhere. Apparently when they see Nonbi, they run after him.

街のゾンギットたち。だいたいどこかをかじられているらしい。 ノンビをみるとおいかけてくるらしい。

Nonbi's classmate. She accidentally became a Zombbit, but her face color looks ok due to make up apparently. One of her fake eyelashes got messed up and it seems she didn't fix it.

ノンビのクラスメイト。 ゾンビットになちゃったけどメイクのせいで顔色がいいらしい。 つけまがとれちゃったけどもう直せないらしい。

School bus driver. A surprise heartbreaking Zombbit. Without changing, it seems he became a Zombbit. Apparently flies hide in his mouth.

スクールバスの運転手。 ゾンビットにおどろきハートブレイク。 そのままゾンビットになっちゃったらしい。 口にハエがかくれているらしい。
Hamii & Salamii

Brother and sister twins who live near Nonbi. It seems they are always together. Apparently their front teeth are baby teeth.

ノンビの近所に住むふたごの兄妹。 いつもいっしょらしい。前歯は乳歯らしい。


Getting ready for Halloween! The little zombie bunnies are somehow cute... "gajigaji" means the gnawing sound...

Translation Notes

1. Noronoro (ノロノロ) means to inch along slowly. I think that the "No" at the beginning of Nonbi refers to "noronoro" and it is combined with "zombie."

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