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Monday, September 30, 2013



Japanese Name: ギンシャリさん
Literal Translation: Mr. Cooked White Rice1
Released: November 2002
Original Japanese: WWW & WWW

A character appears about the white rice that everyone loves if they are Japanese!! The company collected a survey that it's widely popular for kids to adults. Stuck as the actual size, with his friends, Ginsharisan will be waiting for you to find him! Hurry and go look for Ginsharisan in stores!!

A small form of 9.5mm and packed full of charm, today also Ginsharisan is somewhere. He is … at the bottom of the rice bowl! He becomes stale … on the edge of your t-shirt!! But he is restored when he drinks water~

日本人ならだれでも大好きなお米のキャラクターが新登場!! 当社独自のアンケートでも子供から大人まで幅広い人気を集めています。 原寸大にこだわったギンシャリさんが仲間と一緒にみんなに見つけてもらうのを待ってるよ! 早くお店に行ってギンシャリさんを見つけてあげてね!!

9.5mmの小っちゃなからだにみりょくをいっぱいつめこんで今日もどこかでギンシャリさん。 おちゃわんの底に・・・いたっ!Tシャツのすそで・・・ひからびてるぞ!! でもでも水をのんだらもとどおり~


Mr. Cooked White Rice1

In order to rescue from the Japanese recession, he is the super star of the rice world that appeared. A shy nice guy who seems to come from a famous rice-producing region but will not tell.

不況日本を救うべく現れたお米界のスーパースター。 有名な米どころの出身らしいが教えてくれないシャイなナイスガイ。

Sekihan Kyoudai
Red Rice2 Brothers

The challenger brothers appear frequently in happy places.

California Maiko
California Dancing Girl3

Sexy dynamite second-generation Japanese descent coming from America.

Mr. Creamy Barley Rice4

Old fashioned and taciturn real man, and very healthy.


Thai Mai Uji
Thai Rice Lineage

Slim and a deeply moved emotionally person. She will instantly shed tears.

Stinky Cooked Rice

You can tell he's a scoundrel.

Mr. Congee6

Seems too soft and completely crumbling, however, he is charming.



I've always wondered the story about this guy as well. Now we all know!

Translation Notes

1. Ginshari (銀シャリ(ぎんシャリ)) means cooked white rice and it is a term used during the food shortages after WWII.

2. Sekihan (赤飯) is a Japanese traditional dish. It is sticky rice steamed with azuki beans, which give a reddish color to the rice, hence its name. Wikipedia: Sekihan

3. Maiko (舞妓) are apprentice geisha in western Japan, especially Kyoto. Their jobs consist of performing songs, dances, and playing the shamisen (three-stringed Japanese instrument) for visitors. Maiko also can mean a "dancing girl." Wikipedia: Maiko

4. Mugitoro (麦とろご飯) is rice cooked with barley (mugi) and topped with grated yamaimo potato. When the potato is grated it creates a thick, creamy, slippery slurry, in Japanese called tororo. Mugitoro rice is a humble one bowl food and was probably originally a peasant food. In spite of the appearance, it tastes pretty good. Particularly when the appetite decreases during hot summer months, the Japanese love to eat mugitoro rice. Japanese Kitchen: Mugitoro Rice

5. 漢 is also "otoko" meaning "man." (This kanji is actually the first character of 漢字 (kanji).) 男 (otoko) means biological male whilst 漢 (otoko) is often used to refer to manly characters. Therefore, otoko in this case is translated as "real man."

6. Congee 粥(かゆ) is a type of rice porridge or gruel popular in many Asian countries. Wikipedia: Congee

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