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Monday, August 19, 2013

Natsu Dayori

Natsu Dayori

Japanese Name: 夏だより
Literal Translation: Letter From Summer1
Released: May 2002
Original Japanese: WWW & WWW

This series appears by rendering refreshing summer, goldfish and fireworks, dolphin patterns. Goldfish, wind chimes, fans, shaved ice, and perfectly clear blue skies. The design is firmly filled with summer designs. Letter goods come together as summer greeting cards and a postcard book.

涼しげな夏を演出する、金魚や花火、イルカ柄のシリーズが登場します! 金魚、風鈴、うちわにかき氷そしてすみきった青空。これからやってくる夏のデザインがぎゅっとつまったシリーズの発売です! 商品はレターの地に、暑中お見舞いなどにもピッタリのハガキレターやポスカードブックを揃えています。


As it is, this design is the image of goldfish scooping. The point is actually black dragon eye goldfish.

金魚すくいのイメージをそのままデザインしました。 ポイントは実は黒出目金です。

Multicolor fireworks sparkle in the night sky. Fireworks and baby deer meet, please enjoy the light breeze ambience.

彩とりどりの花火が夜空に輝きます。 花火と鹿の子柄をあわせた、和風な雰囲気を楽しんで下さい。

Asia Kingyo
Asian Goldfish

A cute design where goldfish are included in the popular Asian flower pattern.

Umi Shashin
Sea Photo

A series of dolphins and fish, living in the blue and beautiful sea. They are spending time making friends with the various fish.

青くてきれいな海の中で生活するイルカと魚達のシリーズです。 いろんな魚達がみんなで仲良く暮らしています。

Japanese Style

Japanese morning glory, fireworks, straw hats, etc. ... a design full of little Japanese style summer things.

Natsu Shashin
Summer Photo

You can try to collect photos of the glistening summer memories. Summer coming again is really fun!

キラキラした夏の思い出のような写真を集めてみました。 また夏がやってくるのが本当に楽しみですね!


Softly sketched with watercolor. Please feel the coolness of being underwater.

水彩でやさしく描きました。 水中の涼しさを感じてください。
Sora Shashin
Sky Photo

Huge clouds and vapor trails, photos of refreshing blue skies.



This series is packed with Japanese culture and reminds me so much of summer in Japan...

Translation Notes

1. The suffix “dayori” has a lot of meanings. It can mean letter, message, news, or information.

Japanese Culture

Goldfish scooping (金魚すくい, 金魚掬い, Kingyo-sukui) is a traditional Japanese game during festivals in which a player scoops goldfish with a special scooper. Wikipedia: Goldfish Scooping

Hanabi (花火) are fireworks during the summer festivals or really anytime and includes the big ones in the sky and the little ones that can be set off by individuals. Typically yukata are worn when watching the hanabi or doing hanabi.

Uchiwa (団扇)are non-bending fans and common place during the summer when it is so hot. People will hand them out on the streets with advertisements on them. Wikipedia: Uchiwa

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