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Monday, August 26, 2013

Sakura Dayori

Sakura Dayori

Japanese Name: さくらだより
Literal Translation: Letter from Cherry Blossoms1
Released: February 2002
Original Japanese: WWW & WWW & WWW & WWW & WWW & WWW & WWW

When you say spring, one might say "sakura." When you say sakura, one might say "hanami"…. As these are hearty cherry blossoms, there are no blooming and falling flowers. This time these cherry blossom scenes are presented. Lovely cherry blossoms blooming this spring is nice. The gorgeous cherry blossom series appears! Surely you will find your favorite among the variations of Japanese style and Western style designs.

春と言えばなんといっても”桜”。桜と言えば花見....。 桜ほど豪快に咲いて散ってゆく花はありません。 今回はそんな桜の情景を表現してみました。 この春も素敵な桜が咲くといいですね。 そんな華やかな桜柄のシリーズが登場します! 和風、洋風オリジナルのデザインバリエーションできっとお気に入りが見つかります!

Colorful patterned paper crossed together as a design is fresh.

Popular sky patterns come together with cherry blossoms.

Cherry blossoms in full bloom are gorgeous and create a good mood.


Being able to enjoy the three stages from bloom to full bloom, a dainty and lovely watercolor design.

The cherry blossoms are embroidered and cutely expressed.

Designed by uniting polka dots and the weeping cherry that is most fun above all the varieties of cherry blossoms.



Another one of the "...dayori" designs. Now with cherry blossoms! I wish we could already be at spring and skip winter...

Translation Notes

1. The suffix “dayori” has a lot of meanings. It can mean letter, message, news, or information.

Japanese Culture

Sakura (桜 さくら), cherry blossoms in English, are a huge part of Japanese culture, society, and history. Much of the country is scheduled around the timing of the blossoms, such as the school schedules, and the whole country stops for the two weeks of blooming to sit outside and enjoy them. Wikipedia: Sakura

Hanami (花見 "flower viewing") is the Japanese traditional custom of sitting outside under the cherry blossoms usually with a picnic and sake alcohol and friends or colleagues. New employees are tasked to get to spots early in the morning to reserve for their companies. Hanami is a huge aspect of Japanese culture and tons of fun! Wikipedia: Hanami

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