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Monday, August 5, 2013

Magic Usachan

Magic Usachan

Japanese Name: マジックうさちゃん
Literal Translation: Magic Little Bunny
Released: September 2002
Original Japanese: WWW

This stationary is packed and full of the loved by everyone mind quizzes and fortune-telling!! Novice witch and wizard, Magic Usachan and Magic Kumachan, together with Owl Master will grant everyone's various wishes!!

みんなが大好きな心理テストや占いがいっぱいつまったステーショナリーが新登場!! 新米魔法使いのマジェックウサちゃんとジェッククマちゃんがふくろう大先生と一緒にみんなの願いをいろいろかなえてくれるかもよ!!

Magic Usachan
Magic Little Bunny

First year student in the School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. Her signature spell is a "charm to make a time of mutual love for a crush.☆" Strawberries are her favorite food. Lovely Usachan loves Magic Kumachan.

Magic Kumachan
Magic Little Bear

First year student in the School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. Very mischievous personality and loves pranks and tricks. His strong point is riding his broom and flying in the night sky. He loves Magic Usachan.

Fukurou Daisensei
Owl Master

His favorite phrase is "... there is ... hoo."1 This owl always watches over the couple and has a very warm heart.



This is such a cute series and I'm surprised that there are no images to be found from it! Also I'm wondering... did Usachan put a spell on Kumachan?

Translation Notes

1. This phrase is tough to translate... basically this little owl guy likes to say "hoo" (the sound an owl makes) at the end of his sentences.

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