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Monday, March 4, 2013

Kyara Mix Mini

Kyara Mix Mini

Japanese Name: キャラミックスミニ
Literal Translation: Mini Character Mix
Released: July 2001
Original Japanese: WWW

As a recommendation, people are saying "I love characters, but I also love fashionable patterns!!" By mixing with various designs in this series, surely it seems that you can find the pattern you like. Notice that the popular items are entirely becoming cute and small-sized!

「キャラクターも好きだけど、流行柄も好き!!」という人にオススメ! このシリーズはいろいろなデザインをミックスしたものだから、あなたの好きな柄がきっと見つかるはず。 人気のアイテムが全てかわいいミニサイズになっているのも、注目だよ!


This character mix of 6 designs includes Raby Bits, Milky Drop, Poosh Drop, Hawaiian Animals, and Puchi Usa. Looks like the Puchi Usa character is different from their other Puchi Usa character.... and I can't read the blue one with the apples. Any ideas, anyone?

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