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Monday, February 25, 2013

Hamham Chan

Hamham Chan

Japanese Name: ハムハムちゃん
Literal Translation: Little Hamsters
Released: July 2001
Original Japanese: WWW

For people who have hamsters and people who don't have hamsters, before you know it, when you pick up a hamster in your hands, it is moving around so sweetly!! The compatibility of the popular around town gold and silver thread and rainbow colors are effective! A colorful and energetic series.

ハムスターを飼っている人も飼っていない人も、思わず手に取ってしまいたくなるかわいらしいしぐさがいっぱい!! 街で人気のラメ、レインボーカラーとの相性もバツグン!カラフルで元気なシリーズです。

Winter white Russian dwarf hamsters who are always close friends.

Golden hamsters with big appetites.

A silly head golden bear hamster.



These cute hamsters are adorable and full of energy!

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