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Monday, March 11, 2013

Hamham Park

Hamham Park

Japanese Name: ハムハムパーク
Literal Translation: Hamster Hamster Park
Released: August 2001
Original Japanese: WWW

The heart beating and exciting fun of everyone's loved theme park together with the rolling cute hamsters presents with all their might in this design. The merchandise is a heaping helping of glittery bright schemes similar to giving a showy parade. By all means try to search in shops! Including the less than 60g dance team "Mini Hamu" and the always together couple, because it's fully loaded with hidden characters, please look for your favorite. Since it's specially processed (glitter treatment), the letters and memo pads seem like inside a dream. For the purpose of everyone having fun in Hamham Park, it is full of hamsters doing various appearances.

みんなが大好きなテーマパークのドキドキワクワクする楽しさをコロコロかわいいハムスターと一緒にデザインでめいいっぱい表現してみました。 商品には、華やかなパレードを思わせるようなキラキラ光る工夫も盛りだくさん。ぜひお店で探してみてね! 体重60g以下のダンスチーム“ミニハム”やいつもくっついてるカップルなど、かくれキャラ満載なのでお気に入りを探して下さい。 特殊処理(キラキラ加工)をしているのでレターやメモは夢の中にいるような見え方をしますよ。 ハムハムパークにはみんなを楽しませるために、いろんな格好をしたハムスターがいっぱいいます。


Playing Cards Group

Ghost Group

Flower Group


More cute hamsters that are adorable and full of energy! I guess hamsters were quite the craze in Japan in 2001.

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