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Monday, February 18, 2013

Asian Mix

Asian Mix

Japanese Name: アジアンMIX
Literal Translation: Asian Mix
Released: May 2001
Original Japanese: WWW

From last year, there has been excitement of an Asian boom in everyday necessities like food, miscellaneous goods, travel, and more. With a "season" theme, items incorporating an Asian taste are much in fashion.

食べ物、雑貨、旅行など昨年から身の回りは、アジアブームで盛り上がっています。 ”旬”のテーマ、アジアンテイストを盛り込んだアイテムは、おしゃれ度いっぱいです。

Slowly swaying and swimming goldfish are very refreshing to look at. In the water, the thoroughly indigo blue is refreshing.

The two small birds are always close friends. The golden embroidery brings about the Asian-ish style.


An Asian daughter and a close rabbit friend are always together. The floating lotus at the water's surface is indeed Asiatic.

A panda and an elephant are in the midst of an ethnic travel home. How did this two animal trip happen?!

ぱんだとゾウはただいまエスニックな旅の真っ最中。 2匹の旅は何かが起きそう?!
This character is super random but cute... I'm pretty sure that the third one with the girl and rabbit says "Asian Musume." "Musume" means "daughter" in Japanese.

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