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Monday, February 11, 2013

Star Cutie

Star Cutie

Japanese Name: スターキューティー
Literal Translation: Star Cutie
Released: May 2001
Original Japanese: WWW

With Western-style clothes, bags, accessories, and more, on the street, the popping American style is extremely popular!! This American style loving panda appears in the vigorous summer!!

☆ The difference between #1 and #2 is at the place of their ears! With the stars here it is #1. With it here it is #2.



American Panda 1-gou
American Panda #1

He invites everyone to familiarly call him "Amepan." He yearns for America (especially the 80's)!

American Panda 2-gou
American Panda #2

He is twins with #1 and is the younger one. #2's loved thing is omurice1 with plenty of ketchup!! (But it appears that he is a little girlish...)


Itty-bitty Panda

He is the younger brother of American Panda #1 and #2. He clings to the back of his older brothers or older sisters (?). Chibipan's loved things are the crisp apple pie and chocolate chip cookies his mother makes for him!!

Ringo House
Apple House

American Pandas' secret base!! Where they obtained a big apple like this is the secret of the American Pandas.

アメリカンパンダたちのひみつきち!! こんなに大きなりんごをどこで手に入れたのかはアメリカンパンダたちだけのヒミツ。
Little Worm

Despite his appearance, this little bug is American!!



It seems that these little pandas like all things American! I think American Panda #2 would certainly like this omurice below that's covered in ketchup and even has an American flag...!

Japanese Culture

1. Omuraisu (オムライス) is a popular dish in Japan which consists of an omelette with ketchup rice inside and a squirt of ketchup on top. Omuraisu is garnished with parsley leaves. Read more about Omuraisu here: Omuraisu (aka omurice or omu rice, Japanese rice omelette).

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