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Monday, January 7, 2013



Japanese Name: こげぱん
Literal Translation: Burnt Bread
Released: ?
Original Japanese: WWW

Originally there was a limit of 20 per day for the popular anpan.1 "Kogepan," who is cared about without knowing why, says "You're going to throw it away anyway right?" and pouting a little, perceives society anywhere by turning his back muttering.

もとは1日20個限定の人気あんぱん。 “どうせすてるんでしょ?”と、ちょっとすねたり、どこか世の中を悟ったような“うしろ向き発言”がなぜか気になる「こげぱん」。

He is a bread that got accidentally burned and is running away from home. This is "Kogepan." For that reason, his signature saying is "You're going to throw it away anyway right?" that he utters pessimistically. He is a weird character.

こげてしまったためにやさぐれてしまったぱん。それが「こげぱん」。 その為「どうせすてるんでしょ」を決めゼリフとした、後ろむきな発言をしてしまう。 おかしなキャラクターです。

Cream-filled Roll

He is Kogepan's close friend of the group who ran away from home. Before he was burned, he was a cream-filled roll. He is filled with cream made from very fresh milk from Tokachiheiya.2 He has a relatively calm personality. He likes drinking lots of milk with Kogepan. His type of girl bread he likes is the fluffy kind.

Charcoal Bread

Burnt even more than Kogepan, he is now more ashes than bread or anything else for that matter. Apparently he was supposed to be anpan, but no one really knows. He is quieter, more sluggish, and less interested in the world than Kogepan, but when he feels like it he'll talk for a while.


Chocolate Bread

A burnt chocolate bread. The chocolate on his head is also burned. He has a very depending on others personality and sticks by Kogepan and follows him around.

Mayonnaise-filled Roll

A burnt mayonnaise-filled roll. With an indecisive personality, he is always wavering about anything decisive and does not decide definitely.


French Bread

A burnt French bread. Because his head is very big, he is always staggering and since walking is difficult apparently he doesn't move much.


A burnt breadstick. Because he is very tall, he cannot make contact with Kogepan's not burned bread friends. He is a bread with many mysterious portions. Again, he is too tall and accidentally bumps right into various places.


Fried Noodles3 Bread

Inside him is yakisoba with a thick Osaka-style sauce.4

Burnt Sandwich Breada

He was made based on the hotel bread at long-standing Tokyo hotels.


Not Burned Bread

From the left, delicious and perfectly baked red bean-filled roll and cream-filled roll. The breads have honest and genuine personalities. But without bad intentions, sometimes they accidentally hurt Kogepan and everyone's feelings. They ride on a tray and smile for business! (Confusing for amateurs).

左からアンパン、クリームパン、ちゃんと焼かれたおいしいパン。素直で純粋な性格のパンたち。悪気はないけど時々こげぱんたちをキズつけてしまうことも。 トレイにのせると…営業スマイルに!(素人には分かりずらい)
Brown Sugar Bread

He is a perfectly baked and delicious bread but since his color resembles Kogepan it is easy for him to consider himself at the moment in the burnt group. When shopping, be careful not to mistake him for Kogepan!!


Chocolate Sprinkles Bread

A lovely bread with a colorful chocolate appearance. With his colorful chocolate on his head, he wants to be popular like Kogepan and mimics him.

Entirely Apple Bread

Recommended at the bread shop. The interior of bittersweet cubed and boiled apple and jam is plentiful inside. The shape is a cute apple shape, and the topping portion is chocolate and mint. Tsugaru apples from Aomori4 are used. Because of this, they only speak Tsugaru dialect.5

パンやのおすすめ。中味はあまずっぱい角切りの煮りんごとジャムがたっぷり入っているよ。形はかわいいりんご型で、ヘタ部分はチョコとミントでトッピングされているんだ。 青森産の津軽りんごを使用。そのためか、つい津軽なまりがでてしまうよ。

Strawberry Bread

The pink color is cute and this limited spring edition girl bread is selling well. Bittersweet and fragrant, in spite of her charming appearance, apparently she has a wonderful and sweet nature. She is too energetic shown by her red cheeks. Good strawberries from Tochigi6 are used to make the plentiful strawberry cream filling. She speaks in dialect! The hardworking strawberry breads always do the utmost effort. With their strawberry bread exercises, they increasingly become better selling, and they go to great effort!

ピンク色がかわいい、春限定の売れっ子パン。甘酸っぱい香りと、愛らしい見かけにもかかわらず、けっこうな根性の持ち主であるらしい。 元気すぎて赤いほっぺをしているのが目印。 栃木産の粒のいいイチゴをたっぷり使ったイチゴクリームが中身。 方言をしゃべるよ! がんばりやのいちごパン達は、つねに一生懸命。いちごパン体操をして、ますます売れっ子になるよう、努力をしているよ!
Melon Bread7

The filling is cream made from Yuubari melons of Hokkaido.8 The outside is a light yellow-green color and there is an obsessiveness in the bread shop for this popular bread! Personality: With a hometown connection, he adores Kogepan (just one-sided). Brimming with curiosity, he's a mischievous bread.

中身は北海道夕張メロンを使用したクリーム入り! 外はサックリ黄ミドリ色でパン屋こだわりの人気パン! 性格:同郷のよしみで、こげぱんを慕っている(一方的に)。好奇心旺盛でやんちゃ者。

Nikuman & Curryman & Anman
Steamed Meat Bun & Curry Bun & Red Bean Bun9

Always steaming, they are a little dazed. Because they are steaming hot, they can barely be seen in the steam… Steaming and springy inside, if they are not eaten then they become soggy. Watch out, if you leave them alone they will become stiff! They are always carried in their exclusive bag. The drawback is they easily get stuck together.

いつもむされているので、ちょっとポーッとしてます。 ほかほか、あつあつなので、ゆげで見えないことも… むされてもちもちしたうちに食べないと、からだがふやけてしまいます。しかも放っておくとかたくなってしまうので、注意! 専用のシートをいつも持ち歩いています。くっつきやすいのが難点…。
Berry Bread

Using three kinds of berries! Raspberry, blueberry, and a strawberry style pouch. Inside her is plenty of strawberry cream. She is loaded with lots of berries.

三種のベリーを使っています!ラズベリー、ブルーベリー、ボスターを入れているいちご型ポシェット。 中身はベリークリームたっぷり。ベリーの果肉もふんだんに乗せました!

Chocolatb Bread

There is plenty of high class chocolate inside this French bread made from soft and fluffy bread dough. An extravagant bread with melted chocolate on his head that you will be taken in with.

ふかふかのやわらかいパン生地の中にはフランス産の高級チョコレートがたっぴり。 とろけるような味わうのチョコは頭の上にもかかっている贅沢なパン。
White Chocolatb Bread

He is of the same bread dough as Chocolat Bread, he seems very round with melt-in-the-mouth, high class French white chocolate inside. He has white chocolate on his head, and a lovely beret style chocolate topping.

ショコラパンと同じパン生地の中には、まろやかな口どけのフランス産の高級ホワイトチョコレート入り。 頭の上にはホワイトチョコと、かわいらしいベレー帽型のチョコがトッピングされている。


Kogepan and everyone's favorite beverage. When they drink it, they become completely drunk, but the reason is unknown.

Kogepan no Nimotsu
Kogepan's Luggage

When Kogepan escapes, without fail he has this thing. It has not yet been revealed what is inside.

Bread Shop

Kogepan and everyone's birthplace. Kogepan escapes a lot but gets bored and quickly returns straight home.



Natsu Version Series
Japanese Name: こげぱん夏バージョンシリーズ
Literal Translation: Burnt Bread Winter Version Series
Released: May 2001
Original Japanese: WWW

This summer pattern appears with the popular season series!! What in the world is Kogepan and everyone's summer…? There are lots of designs with summer contents that everyone is thinking about. A fun series of summer with lots of interesting items flourishing.

人気の季節柄シリーズに、夏柄が登場!! こげぱんたちの夏って、いったい どんななんだろう…?? 気になるデザインは、夏ならではのネタで、いっぱい! しかもおもしろアイテムが盛りだくさんで、夏が楽しくなるようなシリーズです。

Okashiyasan Series
Japanese Name: こげぱんのお菓子やさん?! シリーズ
Literal Translation: Burnt Bread Sweet Shop?! Series
Released: December 2001
Original Japanese: WWW

There are lots of sweets at the bread shop…. Why??? The reason is, surprisingly, because Kogepan opened a sweets shop?! Together with Kogepan, it looks like you can buy cookies and cakes that were made. But he might get bored, so check ahead of time!

パン屋なのにお菓子がいっぱい…。なぜ???その理由は、なっなんと、こげぱん がお菓子やさんを開いちゃったから?!こげぱんとしては一緒に買われるよう、 クッキーやケーキを作っているみたい…。でもあきっぽいからお早めにチェック してね!

Hawaiian Summer
Japanese Name: ハワイアンサマー
Literal Translation: Hawaiian Summer
Released: May 2002
Original Japanese: WWW

From hibiscus to sailor suits to surfing…. What in the world? Surprisingly, Kogepan and everyone came to the southern Hawaiian islands?! Looks like Kogepan is having fun in his own way at the resort. Looks like you can taste the resort feeling with Kogepan and everyone?

ハイビスカスにセーラー服にサーフィン…。ここは一体どこ? なんと、こげぱん達がハワイアンな南の島に来ちゃった?! こげぱんなりに、リゾートを楽しんでいるみたい。 こげぱん達と一緒に、リゾート気分を味わってみてはいかが?

Kogepan Cafe
Japanese Name: こげぱんカフェ
Literal Translation: Burnt Bread Cafe
Released: October 2002
Original Japanese: WWW

Surprisingly, apparently Kogepan is the owner?! 「koge cafe」 opened! At this time, 「koge cafe」 goods are the focus and original products appear! Of course the ease of use is considered.

なんと、こげぱんがオーナーらしい?!「koge cafe」がオープンしたよ! 今回は「koge cafe」プロヂュースによる雑貨を中心としたオリジナル商品が登場。 もちろん、使いやすさにもこだわっています。

Kogepan Party
Japanese Name: こげぱんパーティー
Literal Translation: Burnt Bread Party
Released: December 2002
Original Japanese: WWW

Everyone loves parties and of course so does Kogepan and everyone! There are fun events like the magic show with playing cards and the costume party!

みんな大好きなパーティーも、こげぱん達だって、もちろん大好き! マジックショーにトランプ大会、仮装パーティー等、とっても楽しそう!


I think we're all fond of this little burnt anpan bread guy! Kogepan is a classic San-X character who is so depressed that he gets drunk everyday from milk. I remember one of the first times a really long time ago that I read about Kogepan was "The Story of Kogepan" [PDF]. There are also some great videos about him on YouTube: Kogepan Episode 1. Also, here's a cute fansite I just discovered!

Japanese Culture

1. Anpan (あんパン) is a Japanese sweet roll most commonly filled with red bean paste. Anpan can also be prepared with other fillings, including white beans (shiro-an), sesame (goma-an) and chestnut (kuri-an). Wikipedia: Anpan

2. Tokachiheiya (十勝平野) is a big field in Hokkaido. Wikipedia: 十勝平野

3. Yakisoba (焼きそば) is considered a Japanese dish but originated in China and is technically a derivative of Chinese chow mein. It first appeared in food stalls in Japan at some point during the early 20th century. Although soba usually refers to buckwheat noodles in mainland Japan, Yakisoba noodles are made from wheat flour similar to ramen. It is typically flavoured with a sweetened, thickened variant of Worcestershire sauce. It is prepared by stir frying ramen-style noodles with bite-sized pork, vegetables (usually cabbage, onions or carrots) and flavored with yakisoba sauce, salt and pepper. It is served with a multitude of garnishes, such as aonori (seaweed powder), beni shoga (shredded pickled ginger), katsuobushi (fish flakes), and mayonnaise. Yakisoba is most familiarly served on a plate either as a main dish or a side dish. Another popular way to prepare and serve yakisoba in Japan is to pile the noodles into a bun sliced down the middle in the style of a hot dog, and garnish the top with mayonnaise and shreds of pickled ginger. Called yakisoba-pan, pan meaning bread, it is commonly available at local matsuri (Japanese festivals) or konbini (convenience stores). Wikipedia: Yakisoba

4. Osaka-style sauce is presumably a variation of Japanese Worcestershire brown sauce (ウスターソース) and is made from purees of fruits and vegetables such as apples and tomatoes, with sugar, salt, spices, starch and caramel. It commonly accompanies western-influenced yōshoku dishes such as tonkatsu and korokke. Yakisoba sauce, and okonomiyaki sauce are also variants of Worcestershire sauce, often thicker and sweeter than the original. Wikipedia: Japanese Worcestershire sauce

4. Tsugaru (津軽市) is a city located in northeastern Aomori Prefecture in Tōhoku region of Japan. Aomori Prefecture is perhaps the best known apple growing region of Japan. Of the roughly 900,000 tons of Japanese apples produced annually, 500,000 tons come from Aomori. Tsugaru apples are 75% red over color on a yellow background. They are medium sized, mid-season maturing fruit, and resemble Golden Delicious, but are firmer fleshed. They are weakly flavored, sweet-tart, crisp and juicy.

5. Each part of Japan tends to have a dialect unique to the area. The Tsugaru dialect (津軽弁) is spoken in western Aomori Prefecture. Tsugaru-ben is reputed to be too divergent from standard Japanese for those who are not native speakers, to the point that even people living in the same prefecture may have trouble understanding it. Wikipedia: Tsugaru dialect

6. Tochigi Prefecture (栃木県) is a prefecture located in the Kantō region on the island of Honshu, Japan. Tochigi is Japan’s number one strawberry production area. Tochiotome, a large, sweet variety of strawberry with a vivid red color, represents Japanese strawberries. This variety is large in size and sweet, juicy and soft in taste. The harvest season starts around December. Many farms offer tourists an opportunity to experience strawberry picking. Wikipedia: Tochigi Prefecture

7. Melonpan (メロンパン) is actually a very popular snack in Japan, commonly sold in convenience stores (コンビニ). It is typically a green bread bun with a textured top and with a faint flavor of melon. Wikipedia: Melonpan

8. A Yūbari melon (夕張メロン) is a cantaloupe cultivar farmed in greenhouses in Yūbari, Hokkaidō, a small town close to Sapporo. Wikipedia: Yūbari melon

9. These steamed buns are often sold in convenience stores (コンビニ) or as street food. Nikuman (肉まん) is a Japanese food made from flour dough, and filled with cooked ground pork or other ingredients. It is a kind of chūka man (中華まん lit. Chinese-style steamed bun) similar to the Chinese baozi (包子), also known in English as pork buns. Kareman (カレーまん) have the ingredients as meat buns or pork buns but with curry-style flavoring, and turmeric or food coloring is added to the skin to make it yellow. Anman (あんまん) have red bean filling made of azuki beans inside. Wikipedia: Nikuman

Translation Notes

a. Shokupan (食パン) is regular sliced sandwich bread.

b. As these fancy breads are French, it is the French word "chocolat" that their names derive from.


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