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Monday, December 31, 2012

Tohohona Inu

Tohohona Inu

Japanese Name: トホホな犬
Literal Translation: Failure1 Dog
Released: January 2006
Original Japanese: WWW

Tohohona Inu, a new character produced by San-X and Shogakukan's Choukyou Kataggu, for the Year of the Dog in 2006 is released nationwide!!! There is a loveable serialization inside Shogakukan's elementary school magazine.2

The size of the tire stuck to Tohohona Inu is smaller than a kei car3.(※1)

We still don't know what kind of tire it is. It seems that it is hard to walk with the tire stuck on but he can roll to move with this tire! This means monocycle!?(※2)




This is Tohohona Inu. Nobody knows why he is stuck to a tire.

This tire makes it easy to cross rivers like an inflatable pool tube that floats in the water. There is quite a bit of airspace in the inside of the tire.

Even though his ears are covered, apparently he can hear noise perfectly. Once in a while there are times when his ears come out.


このタイヤ、うきわみたいに水に浮くから川だって簡単に渡れちゃう。 タイヤの中の空間はちょっとした収納スペース。


Tambourine and Empty Can Sounds

The "shan" sound of the tambourine and the "poko" sound of an empty can makes "Shaponko." Female. Another name is "Chindonya."4

Hanger 3 Kyoudai
3 Hanger Siblings

The 3 siblings wait in the hanger. From left, "Hanger Hidari," "Hanger Dai," "Hanger Migi."a


Bull Isu
Bulldog Chair

A bulldog attached to a chair. His special skill is weight lifting. His hobby is sorting rubbish. He is without likes and dislikes.

Geijyutsu Jijii
Fine Arts Grandpa

Tohohona Inu discovered this artist who does trendy fine arts. For the purpose of a high level of completion of work, he continues actively working everyday.



The things that Tohohona Inu and everyone else has put on has been taken off with good intentions.

Elementary School Student

Together with Tohohona Inu they have a lot of fun and do mischief. He calls Tohohona Inu "Tire."



What a silly dog to have a tire on his head! I've always wondered the story of this crazy guy and now we know...

Japanese Culture

1. In Japanese, "tohoho" means failure. "My tohoho" is nobody's fault but mine. But in another aspect it's an adventure, very reckless but curious one. My mind says I would fail, but my curiosity says if it goes well, it must be fun...And thus I do it, and fail. There's no anger, no humiliation about this failure. Just some kind of understanding, and a little bit sorrow. That's Tohoho. Usage: "That's a nice tohoho of yours!" or "A lovable tohoho chap!" Source: Tohoho

2. Choukyou Kataggu (超強カタッグ) is the name of a publication.

3. Kei car, K-car, or keijidōsha (軽自動車, "light automobile"), is a Japanese category of small vehicles, including passenger cars, vans, and pickup trucks. Wikipedia: Kei car

4. Chindonya (チンドン屋), also called Japanese marching band, and in the old times also called tōzaiya (東西屋) or hiromeya (広目屋 or 披露目屋) are a type of elaborately costumed street musicians in Japan that advertised with loud noise and music for shops and other establishments. The performers advertised the opening of new stores and other venues, or promoted special events such as price discounts. Nowadays, chindon'yas are rare in Japan and you don't see too much of them these days. The word consists of Japanese sound symbolism chin and don to describe the instruments, and the -ya suffix which roughly equates to the English "-er" suffix in this context. Wikipedia: Chindonya

Translation Notes

a. "Hidari" means "left," "dai" means "big," and "migi" means "right."

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