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Monday, January 14, 2013

Nakayoshi Net

Nakayoshi Net

Japanese Name: なかよしネット
Literal Translation: Close Friend Network
Released: ?
Original Japanese: WWW

"Nakayoshi Net" is spreading more and more. Regarding the simpleness, it is cute. The attraction has a wide target.

ますます広がる大人気の「なかよしネット」。 シンプルなのにとってもキュート。 幅広いターゲットが魅力です。

Little1 Bunny

Papa Panda
Papa Panda

Little2 Hamster

Little3 Frog

Littlea Chirp

Itty-bitty Hamster


Nakayoshi Net Vivid Color
Japanese Name: なかよしネット ビビットカラー
Literal Translation: Good Friends Network Vivid Color
Released: February 2001
Original Japanese: WWW

The characters loved by everyone are lined up in "Nakayoshi Net" and a popular polka dotted pattern appears with extraordinary vigorous colors!! A perfectly cheery series for the spring.

みんなのだいスキなキャラクターが勢ぞろいの「なかよしネット」が、人気の水玉柄にのって、とびっきり元気な色で登場!! 春にピッタリのウキウキシリーズです。

Nakayoshi Net Character Mix
Japanese Name: なかよしネット キャラーミックス
Literal Translation: Good Friends Network Character Mix
Released: March 2001
Original Japanese: WWW

Easygoing, popular Nakayoshi Net is liked by everyone. This time the characters largely gather and appear in mixed patterns!!

使いやすくて、誰からも好かれるキャラクターが人気のなかよしネット。 そのキャラクターたちが今回大集合したMIX柄が新登場!!

Nakayoshi Net Okashi
Japanese Name: なかよしネット お菓子
Literal Translation: Good Friends Network Sweets
Released: February 2004
Original Japanese: WWW

The characters are surrounded by sweets and colorful coloring with pink and blue that are popular with the girls. Who does everyone like?! There are many cute and fashionable items with lots of flourishing and fashionable fashion sense!

女の子に大人気のピンクやブルーなどカラフルなカラーリングとお菓子に囲まれたかわいいキャラクター達がやってきたよ! みんなはどの子が好き?!流行のファッションセンスも盛りだくさんでおしゃれでキュートなアイテムもいっぱいだよ!


These guys are a cute network of good friends!

Japanese Culture

1. The suffix "pon" is similar to the suffix "chan" or "kun." See: Notes

2. The suffix "chin" is also similar to the suffix "chan" or "kun." See: Notes

3. The suffix "cchi" is yet again similar to the suffix "chan" or "kun." See: Notes

Translation Notes

a. "Pico" could be derived from the Italian word "piccolo," meaning "small."

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