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Monday, September 3, 2012

Chibi Moomo.

Chibi Moomo.

Japanese Name: ちびもーも。
Literal Translation: Little Moo Moo.
Released: 2007

Fresh squeezed milk1, eat up.2



This cute 10cm cow and pig seem to like donuts! Above the pig it says "bui" for "bu bu" (sound pigs make in Japanese) and the cow is saying "mo" for "moo moo".

Japanese Culture

Japanese people love everything fresh so they will love this fresh squeezed milk. Meshiagare ne!

Translation Notes

  1. "Shiboritate milk" (搾りたて牛乳) is fresh squeezed milk right from the cow that hasn't been pasteurized yet.

  2. "Meshiagare" (召し上がれ) is a common Japanese phrase meaning "eat up!" or "help yourself!"

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