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Monday, September 10, 2012



Japanese Name: トマトリちゃん
Literal Translation: Little Tomato Birda
Released: April 2002
Original Japanese: WWW

"Tomato" and "tori" form Tomatorichan. His charming points are his wee little beak and round and cute eyes!! The fun world with his friends which he treats like little bothers such as "Puchitomatori" and "Hiyocorn" unfolds! Fashionable Italian color and bright red body are signs! Find them in shops!

「トマト」と「鳥」でトマトリちゃん。 ちっちゃなくちばしとつぶらな瞳がチャームポイント!! 弟分の”プチトマトリ”や”ヒヨコーン”たちと楽しい世界をくり広げるよ! おしゃれなイタリアンカラーと真っ赤な体が目印だよ! お店で見つけてね!

Little Tomato Birda

Because of an experiment to make delicious tomatoes be flying off shelves and sold, unexpectedly a bird like a tomato was born!

とぶように売れる おいしいトマトを作るための実験から、偶然に生まれた 鳥のようなトマトのようなキャラクター。
Tiny Tomato Bird

They are Tomatorichan's very close friends being like little brothers. It appears that there are three siblings.

トマトリちゃんの弟的存在でとっても仲良し。 どうやら三つ子の兄弟らしい。

Chirp Corn

There are many of them and now at the present it has been confirmed that there are 27 pieces (animals?). They love corn soup baths.

Green Tomato Bird

It appears that there was an identical experiment at the time of Tomatorichan's birth, but there is no one who has seen it.

どうやらトマトリちゃんと同じ頃 実験で生まれたらしいのですがまだ誰も見た人がいません。


Japanese people love Italian food and the Italian food in Japan is actually quite accurate in taste and price! For some reason Tomatorichan reminds me of Saizeyriya... It's a chain restaurant in Japan serving Italian food for around $3! We need this place in the US.... it's pretty healthy, too!

Anyway, back to our new character friend Tomatorichan. Apparently there is a green version which no one has seen! Looks like it's hidden away in some of the memo pads. Cute!

Japanese Culture

Tomatorichan is often featured with omuraisu (オムライス). Omuraisu is a popular dish in Japan which consists of an omelette with ketchup rice inside and a squirt of ketchup on top. Omuraisu is garnished with parsley leaves. Read more about Omuraisu here: Omuraisu (aka omurice or omu rice, Japanese rice omelette).

The Puchitomatori brothers like to have fun with the parsley and put it on their head! How cute!

Translation Notes

  1. "Tori" means bird in Japanese and the word is combined with "tomato" to form "Tomatori."

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