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Monday, August 27, 2012

Niji no Mukou

Niji no Mukou

Japanese Name: ニジノムコウ
Literal Translation: Towards the Rainbow
Released: December 2002
Original Japanese: WWW

The Niji no Mukou character is full of a handwritten touch, fashionable coloring, and a few heart warming words to really heal you. Won't you lead a glittering life together? Among the glittering night sky and under the apple trees, the close friends live warmly with treasures and little discoveries. Everyone also please find the small but important warm parts of life.

手描きのタッチや、オシャレなカラーリング、心あたたまる一言がたくさんつまったとっても癒されるキャラクター「ニジノムコウ」。 いっしょにキラキラの生活を送りませんか? なかよしたちが夜空のキラキラの中や、りんごの木の下でたからものやちいさな発見をしながらあったかくくらしています。 そんな小さいけれど大切であったかいものをみなさんも見つけてください。


Niji no Mukou is about understanding and enjoying the simple things in life. They want you to remember and find what's really important in life and the little warm treasures. Remember, happiness is a choice! :)

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