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Monday, August 20, 2012

Jewel Cat

Jewel Cat

Japanese Name: ジュエルキャット
Literal Translation: Jewel Cat
Released: December 2006
Original Japanese: WWW

A cat sprite1 that lives inside a jewel box. It is rumored that her eyes are jewels, and depending on the condition of the light from the waxing and waning of the moon, the color of her fur and eyes transform. The people who are able to find her receive lucky energy. (Apparently the benefit depends on the color that you happen to see her in.) She loves the fashionable, and her charming point is her jeweled necklace.

宝石箱にすんでいる猫の妖精。 目の部分が宝石で出来ているという噂、月の満ち欠けや、光の具合などにより毛並みや目の色が変化する。 見つけることが出来た人は幸せな力をもらえるとか。(見かけた時の色により効能は違ってくるらしい) おしゃれ好きで、宝石でできたネックレスがチャームポイント。


Jewel Cat Kirakira

Japanese Name: ジュエルキャットキラキラ
Literal Translation: Jewel Cat Glitter and Sparkle
Released: August 2007
Original Japanese: WWW

The new Jewel Cat series is cute with glitter and sparkle, and a heart and flower motif is added for the popular black cat debut!


Jewel Cat Ribon

Japanese Name: ジュエルキャットリボン
Literal Translation: Jewel Cat Ribbon
Released: December 2007
Original Japanese: WWW

The new Jewel Cat series has the mark of a jewel with a fashionable ribbon!



Jewel Cat has been around for quite some time since 2006! How cute that this cat is a fairy/sprite.

Japanese Culture

Regarding culture, cats and ribbons are popular for being cute!

Translation Notes

  1. "Yousei" (妖精) can be translated as "fairy, sprite, or elf."

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