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Monday, May 28, 2012



Japanese Name: アバウチュー
Literal Translation: Sloppy1 Squeak1
Released: March 2011
Original Japanese: WWW PDF

Able to do anything? A sloppy mouse. Abouchuu is a young mouse with a sloppy nature. Even today his socks are mismatched on left and right....

なんでもデキトー?アバウトなネズミ。 アバウチューはアバウトな性格の子ねずみ。今日も靴下は左右ちぐはぐ…。


Translation Notes

  1. The adjective, aboutona (アバウトな) comes from the English word, "about," and can mean approximate, sloppy, or lackadaisical.

  2. Chuu (チュー) is the squeak or eep sound that a mouse makes.

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