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Monday, May 21, 2012

Pocola france

Here we are with some cute French pear animals that have little beret hats as the stems! How cute! They are based on the "La France" pears, which are apparently some European pears popular in Japan. Their story just ends in mid-sentence, perhaps to follow with whatever you might want to imagine.

Pocola france

Japanese Name: ポコラ・フランス
Literal Translation: Little1 La France2 Pear
Released: March 2011
Original Japanese: WWW PDF

They became the longed for La France pears and


Pocola France
Little La France Pear
Bola France
Chubby3 La France Pear
Puchila France
Small La France Pear
Hyorola France
Tall4 La France Pear


Translation Notes

  1. "Poco" means little, small, or short in Italian.

  2. La France pears (ラ・フランス) are a type of European pear originating in France. Wikipedia: ラ・フランス

  3. "Bo" could be for "坊や" which is used for a boy and usually to ridicule or to show affection. So it's a bit of a stretch, but it could be translated as "chubby" to follow the patter of their names based on their appearance.

  4. "Hyoro" means tall and thin.

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