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Sunday, July 18, 2010

Monokuro Boo

Please welcome Dani to the translation project! Of course she starts with her most favorite ever, Monokuro Boo! Thank you, Dani, and now on to her comments and translation. :)

There are different styles of Monokuro Boo, but many of them don't actually have different names. The best way to describe each of them is based on the special characteristics of each design.

Monokuro Boo
Japanese Name: モノクロブー
Literal Translation: Monochromatic Oink
Released: March 2005
Original Japanese: WWW PDF

Just by looking at them, you can tell that Monokuro Boo is a soft, cute character. Not only are they cute, but we aimed to design them as simple and easy to use. In Europe, it's said that pigs are good luck. Perhaps just by holding one, you'll become lucky!

“Boo” “Love?” “Enjoy?” “Happy!” Whatever Monokuro Boo does we want it to convey a message. Various things happen each day, but it's good to stop every now and then to think about the simple things. Monokuro Boo can be used regardless of if you're a male or female.


「Boo」「Love?」 「Enjoy?」「Happy!」モノクロブ-はどうやら私たちにメッセージをくれてるみたい。



Monokuro Boo
Monochromatic Oink

We're not sure if they go “Boh!” or “Boo!”, but whatever the case you can't take your eyes off these two. No matter what, these two look like they're in love. Their faces look so much alike that even their friends can't tell who is who in Monokuro Boo.
Using their blank expressions, Monokuro Boo creates plenty of humor that makes it hard to look away.

ボーっとしているのかブ-っとしているのか わからないが、何だか目がはなせないこの二人。どうやら二人はラブラブらしい。 仲間もいるがあまりに顔が似ているため どれがモノクロブ-かはわからない。無表情のようでいてユーモアたっぷりの モノクロブ-から目がはなせません。

By Monokuro Boo's side there's a bee leisurely flying around. It's probably Monokuro Boo's friend.



Monokuro Boo Heart

Japanese Name: モノクロブーハート
Literal Translation: Monochromatic Oink Heart
Released: August 2006
Original Japanese: WWW PDF

Hugely popular! Introducing new cell phone accessories and ceramics in heart theme. Are you loving someone lately? Even today the enviable and charming Monokuro Boo look like they're in love. They give each other a kiss with their noses!


Monokuro Boo Hachi

Japanese Name: モノクロブーハチ
Literal Translation: Monochromatic Oink Bee
Released: September 2006
Original Japanese: WWW PDF

Such a huge impact! This new series is characterized by a unique design: a pattern of multiple Monokuro Boos has been mixed with a simple pattern of Monokuro Boo faces. Note how cool the items with the face patterns are!! Monokuro Boo is lined up so smoothly. It'd be so fun if we could all line up like this ♪ We'd probably have enough after awhile though, no? There are also Monokuro Boo that face to the side, you know.

インパクト大!のモノクロブーがいっぱい柄&シンプルなモノクロブーのフェイス柄がミックスされたデザインが特徴の新シリーズです! フェイス柄をいかしたアイテムにも注目!! ずらずら並んだモノクロブー。みんなで並んでなんだか楽しそう♪あきちゃったのかな?横向きのモノクロブーもいるよ。

Monokuro Boo Kirakira

Japanese Name: モノクロブーキラキラ
Literal Translation: Monochromatic Oink Sparkle
Released: October 2006
Original Japanese: WWW PDF

We now have new Monokuro Boo plushies and miscellaneous goods! OK as a gift, these goods have a simple design with Monokuro Boo charm.


Monokuro Boo Oukan

Japanese Name: モノクロブー王冠
Literal Translation: Monochromatic Oink Crown
Released: November 2006
Original Japanese: WWW PDF

This is the launch of a new theme! This theme is about the sparkling, brilliant addition of gold color and a crown motif. In true Monokuro Boo fashion, the design is simple, and yet still fashionable.


Monokuro Boo "Border & Stripe"

Japanese Name: モノクロブー「ボーダー&ストライプ」
Literal Translation: Monochromatic Oink "Border & Stripe"
Released: March 2007
Original Japanese: WWW PDF

A new design from Monokuro Boo. The theme is a more mature borders and stripes! With a refreshing blue added, you slowly won't be able to divert your eyes!


Monokuro Boo Marine Taste

Japanese Name: モノクロブーマリンテイスト
Literal Translation: Monochromatic Oink Marine Taste
Released: May 2007
Original Japanese: WWW PDF

New stylish maritime series* Monokuro Boo looks fresh in navy stripes!


Monokuro Boo Hana to Clover

Japanese Name: モノクロブー花とクローバー
Literal Translation: Monochromatic Oink Flowers and Clovers
Released: August 2007
Original Japanese: WWW PDF

From Monokuro Boo, we present this stylish, cute “Flower and Clover” design! Pink flowers and green clovers make Monokuro Boo look sharp!


Baby Boo

Japanese Name: ベビーブー
Literal Translation: Baby Oink
Released: September 2007
Original Japanese: WWW PDF

These are little bodies wrapped up in 7 vibrant colors. These colorful pigs are characters called “Baby Boo”. Are you happy? So happy with you. These are messages we want to convey through Baby Boo. The strawberry sweet-colored twirling bug is our special friend1


1 Berry 2 Peach 3 Orange 4 Lemon 5 Mint 6 Soda 7 Grape

Monokuro Boo Ribbon ya Present

Japanese Name: モノクロブーリボンやプレゼント
Literal Translation: Monokuro Boo Ribbon and Presents
Released: November 2007
Original Japanese: WWW PDF

Monokuro Boo celebrates 3 years♪ With a heartfelt “thank you,” we present a cute new series with a ribbon and presents pattern.


♪ X Monokuro Boo

Japanese Name: ♪Xモノクロブー
Literal Translation: ♪ X Monokuro Boo
Released: April 2008
Original Japanese: WWW PDF

♪X MONOKURO BOO, a new series of Monokuro Boo. It's simple yet stylish, cute yet cool! This design features Monokuro Boo and musical notes♪


Translation Notes

  1. They use the o (お) honorific in front of friend (友達, tomodachi), so I will refer to this friend as being of importance.


  1. Could you add more about the babys?

  2. Where can I find baby boo plushes?