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Sunday, May 9, 2010

Kawaii Collection

Kawaii Collection

Japanese Name: カワイイコレクション
Literal Translation: Cute Collection
Released: April 2010
Original Japanese: WWW PDF

With attention towards a rabbit theme, 7 "cute" characters of great individuality appear! Please find your favorite character.


Carefree Rabbit

"Nobitto" is a rabbit that started yoga while being super carefree. With a fashionable adult-like, hand painted touch, he can heal your tired spirit and body (!?) He is droppy and baggy [in shape].

「のびっと」は、ヨガをはじめたらスゴクのびてしまったウサギさん。大人っぽい流行の手描きタッチで疲れた心も体もいやせる(!?) ゆるっとしたキャラクラーです。
Rabby's Happy Diary
Rabby's Happy Diary

Everyday is fun and sparkly for Rabby. Tomorrow also will become a good day.♪


Taapun is a bulky, fat rabbit. He is unexpectedly numerous in unexpected places. His appearance is a little weird, but you feel that he has an unexpected cuteness... Taapun is this sort of rabbit.

たぁぷんは、たぷんたぷんのうさぎ。意外なところが意外と多い。ちょっとヘンな見た目だけど、意外とかわいい気もする・・・ たぁぷんは、そんなうさぎ。
Monoch Rabbits
Monochromatic Rabbits

"Shiroshiro" and "Kurokuro"1 are look-alike bunnies. Today also the pair are in a daze searching for shooting stars...



Chou-fleur is a pink girl bunny. She looks like a cauliflower with the fluffy swirls.

Yuugata Shokudou
U-shaped Cafeteria

These sibling rabbits are U-shaped, a rare type. In the forest, they opened a cafeteria.♪ The U-shaped croissants are very popular.☆

Funwari Soraran
Airy Sky Dazzle

"Soraran" is a fluffy kid like a rabbit like a cloud with feather like ears. In the sky, he can hum songs he loves, and today also he has a dazzling mood.



Translation Notes

  1. "Shiro" means "white" and "kuro" means "black."

  2. "Chou-fleur" means "cauliflower" in French.

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