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Saturday, May 8, 2010


Japanese Name: ふにょふにょ
Literal Translation: Limpy Flabby1
Released: February 2003
Original Japanese: WWW PDF

This mysterious character looks like a jellyfish. Funyofunyo is always carefree and having a good time. At times when you are irritated, please remember Funyofunyo and relax.



Translation Notes
  1. Funyo (ふにょ) means limply or flabby. Funyofunyo (ふにょふにょ) is a state of being relaxed and sort of limpy and floppy.

  2. Kabaya (カバヤ) released some gummy candy called Funyogumi (ふにょグミ) which feature Funyofunyo and are ramune flavored. Wikipedia: ふにょグミ

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