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Friday, January 8, 2010


Japanese Name: みるくま
Literal Translation: Milk Bear
Release Date: January 2004
Original Japanese: WWW PDF

The milk fairy Milkuma was born from a milk crown. It appears around milk and everyday plays and has fun! Also, welcome the friends, Ichigo Milkuma and Honey Milkuma!

ミルククラウンから生まれたミルクの妖精 ”みるくま”。ミルクのまわりに現れて毎日楽しく遊んでいるよ!お友達の ”いちごみるくま” ”ハニーみるくま” もよろしくね!

Milk Bear

Milkuma was born from a milk crown. It loves hot milk and milk candy!

ミルククラウンか生まれた"みるくま" ホットミルクやミルクキャンディが大好き!
Ichigo Milkuma
Strawberry Milk Bear

It is a milk fairy that loves the strawberry flavor.

いちご味が大好きな ミルクの妖精。
Honey Milkuma
Honey Milk Bear

It is a little bit of a scatterbrain. Its favorite food is honey.

ちょっとおっちょこちょい。 はちみつが大好物。


Translation Notes
  1. "Milk" in Japanese is pronounced "miruku" and "bear" in Japanese is "kuma." Thus, it is combined with the "ku" part to be Milkuma.

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