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Saturday, January 9, 2010

Buru Buru Dog

Buru Buru Dog

ぶるぶるどっぐ Trembling Dog 1999¹ San-X PDF

Always trembling and shaking and easily scared, Buru Buru Dog has cute, pleading round eyes.

いつもぶるぶる震えてる、こわがりだけどつぶらな瞳がかわいいぶるぶるどっぐのこと おしえちゃうよ。

Buru Buru Dog
Trembling Dog

White and fluffy with big round eyes, he is always trembling. He really doesn't like lady bugs. His weight is about 125g. His personality is that he is always shaking (and sometimes cries). He loves jello,² his favorite is polka dot underwear, and he loves to play hide-and-go-seek. He is weak when it rains. When you find him, the best way to handle him is to please leave him alone.

白くてふわふわ、つぶらな瞳いつもぶるぶるふるえてる。てんとう虫が大嫌い。平均体重 125g。性格いつもふるえている(たまに泣く)。ゼリー大好き!お気に入りは水玉パンツ!好きな遊びはかくれんぼ。あめふりにがて。取り扱いの注意・見 つけたときは そっとしておいてください。

As expected, Buru Buru Dog is scared of ladybugs. When it comes close, he can't help but cry.

やっぱりぶるぶるどっぐは 「てんとう虫」がこわいんだねー。そばにくると泣いちゃうの。

Buru Buru Dog loves Hiyokokun even though it doesn't look like it. However, now they became friends.

Anytime and anywhere these Buru Buru Dogs are close together. Maybe they are just friends because their tails are blue?

Okiniiri to Buru Buru
Trembling with his favorite one

Overlapping. When it becomes lots of love... Being lovey-dovey (Loving one another).³ When they love with all their hearts, apparently their tails become pink.²

だぶる。 いっぱい好きになると・・・ らぶる(=愛し合う)。思いっきりらぶるとしっぽがピンクになるらしい。
Oyako de Buru Buru
Trembling parent and child

Do you know cute behavior of Buru Buru Dog?? Piggy back riding, being below, and having their eyes closed.³

ぶるぶるどっぐのカワイイしぐさ、いくつ知ってる?? おぶる、かぶる、つぶる 。


Translation Notes
  1. Buru Buru Dog was released before 2000. According to Sun Hing Toys, the brand was launched in 1999.
  2. According to Ingram, a company which licenses San-X characters, Buru Buru Dog adores strawberry jello because it is just about as shaky is he is. His tail is blue when he is scared (almost always), but when they are in love, their tails are pink.
  3. The Buru Buru Dogs have their own language. A term is coined for each sickeningly cute action. The words have "buru" at the end which naturally comes refers to "buru buru." "Oburu" means to strap something on your back. "Kaburu" means to be covered with. "Tsuburu" means to close. "Daburu" means double or to overlap. "Rabu" means "love" and combined with the "ru" at the end it becomes "raburu." "Yorokobu" means happyness and thus with the "ru" it is made into a buru verb to be happy.
    oburu : piggyblack riding
    kaburu : being on the head
    tsuburu : having eyes closed
    daburu : being double
    raburu : loving eachother
    yorokoburu : being happy


  1. Where can buy buru dog? I like it very much.thx

    1. Here's a list of places to buy San-X stuff: http://san-x.cupped-expressions.net/p/shop.html
      As Buru Buru Dog is kinda old, probably eBay would be the best place to look! Good luck :)

  2. You make my life complete!! :)

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