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Tuesday, January 5, 2010



Japanese Name: まめぴょん
Literal Translation: Flopsy Bean
Release Date: March 2003
Original Japanese: WWW PDF

Mamepyon is an easygoing broad bean. He passes his time by having fun with all of his bean friends. In this Mamepyon world, there are tons of different kinds of beans gathering for the fun.


Flopsy Bean

Mamepyon is a broad bean and one of three siblings. He is a happy bean who loves to play. He sleeps inside the pod.

まめぴょんはそら豆のなかよし3兄弟。 遊ぶのが大好きな元気マメ。 さやの中で寝るんだよ。
Little Red Bean¹

She is the idol of all the beans. She is a gentle and quiet girl.

マメ仲間たちのアイドル。 おとなしい女の子。
Little Pea

This little mischievous, bald headed one loves to chat with curious onlookers.

野次馬でおしゃべりが大好きな やんちゃ坊主だよ。
Peanut Kyoudai
Peanut Siblings

The Peanut Siblings are always together. There are times when they enter inside the shell and also times when they are outside.

いつも一緒にいる ピーナッツ兄弟。 殻の中に入っている時と 外に出ている時があるよ。
Daizu Combi
Soybean Duo

Shiro and Kuro² are aways expressionless. Shiro and Kuro are actually cousins of Edamamesan.

いつも無表情な シロとクロ。 シロとクロと えだマメさんは 実はいとこ同士。
Mr. Twig Bean³

At first glance he looks simple but actually he is quite knowledgeable. The other beans come to him for good advice.

一見地味だけど、 実は物知り。 マメ仲間たちの良き 相談相手。
Green Peaskun
Little Green Peas

He is always clinging to someone because he tends to be lonely. Everyone thinks of him as a younger brother.

いつもだれかの後ろに くっついている、 寂しがりや。 皆にとって弟 のような存在。


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Translation Notes
  1. Azuki beans are common in Japan as a part of deserts. Many times you will find this sweet red bean as a paste inside pancakes or as a sauce on ice cream. Wikipedia: Azuki Beans
  2. "Shiro" means "white" and "kuro" means "black."
  3. Edamame (枝豆) is a preparation of baby soybeans in the pod where the pods are boiled in water together with condiments such as salt, and served whole. They are typically served as snacks at drinking establishments. Wikipedia: Edamame