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Monday, January 4, 2010



ティッシュさん Mr. Tissue July 2002

Always being used by anyone, the familiar tissue became these cute characters. Use these interesting and strange things.


Mr. Tissue

Tissuesan is always very busy because he is used a lot. (But you don't see it...) He is mainly where Tanaka-san lives.

ティッシュさんはよくつかわれるからいつもおおいそがし。(にはみえないけど…) おもにタナカさんちのリビングにいるよ。
Mr. Wet

He seems confident for whatever dirt or stain that may tarnish. He is the best and without him there will be displeased, worried people.

Pocket Tissuesan
Mr. Pocket Tissue

These poor tissues can only be used one time. Sometimes they look a little tired. They are a comedian duo, Number 1 and Number 2.

Little Flower

Hanachan, whom Tissuesan is secretly in love with, is these days a slim shape. She is in Tanaka-san's bathroom. She is thinner than Tissuesan and has prints! She loves make-up!

Little Ecological

He is a very earth-friendly tissue as he is made of 50% recycled paper. He likes to read books that are on the bookshelf. Whatever! He makes recycled paper that eats garbage!

50%さいせいしでできているちきゅうにやさしいティッシュ。 ほんだなの上でほんをよむのがすき。なんと!ゴミをたべてさいせい紙をつくれるんだよ!
Little Roll

Tomboyish Rollchan is the toilet paper which is always being used by Tanaka-san. She is a huge fan of the pocket tissues, Number 1 and Number 2. She is always being a groupie!



Translation Notes
  1. The surname Tanaka is one of the most common and can be compared with examples such as Smith. As the suffix "san" can mean Mr. or Mrs., the Tanaka-san in the character descriptions could be either.

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