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Sunday, January 10, 2010



ホメコロ Giving Praise Croquette¹ November 2008 San-X PDF

Homecoro, a dog who is good at compliments, likes to give praise. He wants to heal by giving the praise......! Help him fulfill this desire. Won't you "homenication"² together with Homecoro?


Giving Praise Croquette¹

He is a "homeranian"² type of dog who is good at compliments. His ever changing roundness and sweeping and swinging big tail are his particular characteristics. His specialty is finding the positive. He looks like a croquette, which is his favorite food.♪

Riveted Bird

He is a bird who is enchanted and riveted by praise. His pink hair is his pride. Recently, his confidence has increased because Homecoro has given him a lot of praise.♪



Translation Notes
  1. In Japan, a relative of the croquette, known as korokke(コロッケ) is a very popular fried food, widely available in supermarkets and butcher shops, as well as from specialty korokke shops. Generally patty-shaped, it is mainly made of potatoes with some other ingredients such as vegetables (e.g. onions and carrots) and maybe less than 5% meat (e.g. pork or beef). It is often served with tonkatsu (とんかつ) sauce. Cylindrically-shaped korokke are also served, which more closely resemble the French version, where seafood (prawns or crab meat) or chicken in white sauce (ragout) is cooled down to make it harden before the croquette is breaded and deep-fried. When it is served hot, the inside melts. This version is called "cream korokke" to distinguish it from the potato-based variety. It is often served with no sauce or tomato sauce. Unlike its Dutch cousin, croquettes made mainly of meat are not called korokke in Japan. They are called menchi katsu (めんち かつ), short for minced meat cutlets. Wikipedia: Croquette
  2. "Home" means "praise" and "homenication" and "homeranian" are two made up words to include praise in the meaning. So, "homenication" is home + communication and "homeranian" is home + pomeranian.

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  1. I love homecoro! He is my favorite San-X character, next to Mamegoma! Thank you for all those great pictures~