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Monday, April 8, 2013

Stitch Factory

Stitch Factory

Japanese Name: ステッチファクトリー
Literal Translation: Stitch Factory
Released: November 2001
Original Japanese: WWW

Cute characters embroidered, fashionable camouflage and leopard print, and others join together. Because of the embroidery, there is a sense of warmth, perfect for this (autumn) season.

かわいいキャラクターを刺しゅうにして、流行の迷彩やヒョウ柄などとくみあわせました。 刺しゅうだからぬくもりとあたたかみがあってこれからのシーズンにぴったりです。


Stitch Factory consists of a random selection of textured designed characters, including Milky, Hyper Cute, Yasasii Kimochi, and Lovely Tricky. They aren't the usual printed design type as the notebooks and such seem to be made of fabric and other such materials.

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