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Monday, April 15, 2013



Japanese Name: モンミネ
Literal Translation: My Kitty1
Released: November 2003
Original Japanese: WWW

We've recently released new cat stationary; this stationary draws from the styles of fashion and miscellaneous goods magazines. These ”Monminet,” photos of cute cats with popular sweets, can be enjoyed by a large target group with no problem at all!

Enchante! (Hello) “Monminet” (my cute kitties) came about as a version of the doggies “Monshian” that live in France. What a great thing to pair these stylish kitties with sweets! It makes everyday happy. Well, au revior (Farewell)


Enchante!(はじめまして) あのおフランスに住むワンコ達『モンシアン』の 猫バージョン『モンミネ』(私のかわいい子猫ちゃん)が登場! オシャレな子猫達とカフェでいただくスウィーツはもう最高! 毎日がハッピーです。 では、Au revoir(さようなら)


Dani is back and has kindly translated this kitty character!

Translation Notes

1. "Mon minet" is a phrase in French that translates to "my kitty" or "my pussycat."

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