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Monday, March 25, 2013

Momonga Momochan

Momonga Momochan

Japanese Name: ももんがモモちゃん
Literal Translation: Flying Squirrel Little Peach1
Released: September 2001
Original Japanese: WWW

A peach loving, flying squirrel Momochan. She ate all the contents of a giant peach which she lives inside, named "Peach House"! She loves jumping, eating peaches, and sleeping curled up in a ball! Today also she spreads her arms and flies from tree to tree. There is plenty of fun scenes for Momochan and good friend, Ezomomochan.

モモがだいすきなももんがももちゃん。大きなモモの中身をぜーんぶ食べた通称「モモハウス」の中に住んでいるよ!とびつくのも、モモを食べるのも、まるまって眠るのもだいすき!今日も木から木へうでを広げてとんでいます。 モモちゃんと仲良しのエゾももちゃんの楽しい場面がいっぱいです。

Momonga Momochan
Flying Squirrel Little Peach1

She loves peaches, and she lives in a hollowed-out peach house. Her favorite is the evening, and she can completely fly 10m.

Little Siberian Flying Squirrel1

Momochan's best close friend. But because she is still tiny, she cannot fly smoothly and so she rides on Momochan's back. She loves white peaches, condensed milk, and snow cones.



These peach loving squirrels are so cute! Check out the images for the giant peach house!

Translation Notes

1. Momonga (モモンガ) is the Japanese term for "flying squirrel," and ezomomonga (エゾモモンガ) is the Japanese term for "Siberian flying squirrel." As "momo" means "peach" in Japanese, there are puns forming with the "momo" in the Japanese terms for these peach loving flying squirrels!

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