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Monday, May 7, 2012


Requested by Annette quite some time ago, it is about time this crazy monkey noodles character was added! A quick translation note: all of the sentences end with the verb "desu" (to be) but using an old form of it "degozaru." I imagine this in another little added in pun for our zaru/saru creatures!


Japanese Name: さるそば
Literal Translation: Monkey Buckwheat Noodles1
Released: 19992

The sarusoba (monkey buckwheat), of the Polygonaceae3 family, is an annual plant. In summer or early autumn, the white flowers bloom and the plant bears the sarusoba seeds. The sarusoba flour is made from these seeds. It is said that a soul dwells inside the boiled sarusoba.


The eyes sting from the wasabi.4

Weight training.

Mixed bathing.


His arms sprung up.

He thought he has a beard.



The green onion ties the soba1 flavors together.


The first trip in a long while. (Delivery)

He missed his footing.

Tempura5 and zarusoba1 showdown. Like oil and water... They are undefeated.


Reunion. (in the tummy)

Due to this region, the color of the noodles is frightfully greenish.

Without chewing, he is stylishly swallowed.

One noodle.


This is my territory. Boss Zaru1. (Leftovers)

Brought up close together.

.... Don't remove.

…。 とれないでござる。
He is a stalker.



Translation Notes

  1. "Saru" means monkey in Japanese and "soba" means buckwheat noodle. "Zarusoba" is a common buckwheat noodle dish in Japan, so "Sarusoba" is a pun combining the two. Zarusoba is served cold on a zaru, a sieve-like bamboo tray, garnished with bits of dried nori seaweed, with a dipping sauce known as soba tsuyu on the side. The tsuyu is made of a strong mixture of dashi, sweetened soy sauce and mirin. Using chopsticks, the diner picks up a small amount of soba from the tray and swirls it in the cold tsuyu before eating it. Wasabi and scallions are often mixed into the tsuyu. Many people think that the best way to experience the unique texture of hand-made soba noodles is to eat them cold, since letting them soak in hot broth changes their consistency. Wikipedia: Soba

  2. It says 1999 on the back of the Sarusoba stickers (image above).

  3. Polygonaceae is a family of flowering plants known informally as the "knotweed family" or "smartweed family"— "buckwheat family" in the United States. Wikipedia: Polygonaceae

  4. Wasabi is sometimes mixed in with the tsuyu dipping sauce. Wasabi is green with a very strong, biting taste.Wikipedia: Wasabi

  5. Tempura (天ぷら or 天麩羅) is a Japanese dish of seafood or vegetables that have been battered and deep fried.Wikipedia: Tempura

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