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Thursday, June 3, 2010

San-X Net in English!

The official English site for San-X opened today.


There is information about their most popular characters, company information (which I am including below in this post), shop information, and more! Check it out! :)

Here is the company information that is surely more accurate than my translations:

San-X Logo

Company Profile

Company: San-X Co., Ltd
Address: Chida Bldg, 2-4, Tacho, Kanda, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo 101-0046, Japan
Tel: (81) 3-3256-7621 Fax: (81) 3-3256-7628
Establish: April 1932
Capital: 75 Million/JPN YEN ($750,000.00 US$1.00/100JPY)
Operation/Service: Production and distribution of stationary, sundry goods, merchandises, and paper products with original design.
Managing copyrights control and the distribution of original designs.
Employee: 110
Licensees: 120(Domestic) 80(Int’l)
Domestic: Nationwide
Int’l Countries: China, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Korea, Thailand, Indonesia, Malaysia, United States, Italy, Brazil
Categories: Apparel, Toy, Household goods, etc………
President: Chida Masao


San-X is one of the largest character oriented stationary and gift manufacturing company in Japan. The company was originated in April 8th, 1932 by the late president Chida as private-owned business under the name of Chida Handler and after 10 years, in 1942 they became limited company. Since 1980, including the well known Rilakkuma, Mikanbouya, Kireizukin, Kogepan, Afro Ken, Nyan Nyan Nyanko, Tarepanda, and San-X had created more than 800 characters to the market and have many fans not only in Japan but among the world such as US. San-X celebrated the 70th anniversary in 2002. Our logo, four-leaf clover is representing with San-X’s symbol color, blue which they have put their heart and soul for wishing “Good Luck”. Also meaning through our product they hope our end-user to be filled with happiness. In addition, it’s also a company image to symbolize youthfulness, novelty (freshness), challenge, and future.

Mission & Philosophy

We San-X Co., Ltd make sure the products reflects on company fundamentals, communication “relationship from one to another” and utilizing both character business & design software. We vision “communication tool” as rich lubrication in our life, propose sparkling lifestyle based on “this moment” to our consumer. San-X’s mission and goal is to create various products filled with originality and utilizing both character business and design software in to the system. Of course creating in-house brand brings freshness and individuality to the products but we believe that manufacturing products in our own design development & marketing are the fundamentals of our concept. We put great value and feel the importance of consistency and nurturing of our on going characters and items.

History of San-X

04. 1932 Company Established: Late President Chida Kyozo begin operating an
individual business as “Chida Handler
09. 1939 Company move to new location (present location)
10. 1941 Company incorporate as a private limited company
03. 1945 Company temporary closed due to World War II
03. 1946 Restarting business and service (mainly in Tokyo)
03. 1948 Expanding business and distribution channel to other area
04. 1957 Establishing distribution network nationwide
(Approximately 400 appointed agents and stores)
12. 1957 Incorporated as a Company Limited. Capital $80,000.00
(Since then capital increase every year)
02. 1970 Establish factory, Koshigaya, Saitama Prefecture
04. 1973 Head Quarter Building completion of construction (Tokyo)
05. 1973 Rename the company Chida Handler Co., Ltd to San-X Co., Ltd
06. 1973 Delivery/Shipping Center completion of construction (Koshigaya)
08. 1976 Establish Tokyo Business Office
06. 1982 Celebration of 50th Anniversary
09. 1982 Establish Koshigaya Business Office
01. 1984 Chida Masao assumption of office
07. 1986 Distribution Center completion of construction
Koshigaya Delivery/Shipping Center & Factory relocating to
Distribution Center. Establishing Kanto Business Office
07. 1987 Relocating Tokyo Business Office to Koshigaya
06. 1992 Celebration of 60th Anniversary
07. 1998 Renewal of corporate identity (CI)
06. 2002 Celebration of 70th Anniversary
07. 2004 Establishing Ordering Center.
Relocating Tokyo Business Office to Distribution Center
09. 2004 Establishing Production Headquarter
Custom Order Dept reforming to OEM Division
09. 2008 Rilakkuma Store Opening - Umeda City
02. 2009 Rilakkuma Store Opening - Tokyo City
02. 2010 Rilakkuma Store Opening – Fukuoka City

Thank you Hana for letting me know! :D

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