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Thursday, May 6, 2010



Japanese Name: てのりいぬ
Literal Translation: Carry in a Hand Dog1
Released: November 2000
Original Japanese: WWW PDF

Tenoriinu is a tiny dog the size of one's palm with a height of 6.2 cm and the weight of about 1 egg. He's always interested in what everyone is doing and likes to play by imitating them, but lately as a result of winter, it's a challenge!! Notice Tenoriinu with his cute gestures and expressions!



Translation Notes

  1. Tenori (手乗り) basically means that it can be carried in one's hand so it is little enough to fit on one's palm. It combines the kanji characters hand (手, te) and a form of the verb, "to ride" (乗る, noru) which can also mean "to be taken in" or "to get on."

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