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Tuesday, May 4, 2010


Japanese Name: ミミピコ
Literal Translation: Little Ears1
Released: February 2003
Original Japanese: San-X PDF

This cute angel rabbit plays on a musical note. The cute rabbit, MiMiPico, looks a little adult-like with the dark blue and gray. It is the image of a "piano lesson."



Little Ears1

These rabbit angels love music. They have fun passing time by singing, performing, and dancing. They play various musical instruments!

Very Soft

A friend of MiMiPico. "Pianissimo" is a music term meaning "very soft." The name is fitting for this little, cute mouse fairy.



Translation Notes
  1. Mimi (耳) means "ear" or "ears" in Japanese. The "mimi" used here could be referring to ears, since this character is about music, or perhaps it could just be the European girls name. "Pico" could be derived from the Italian word "piccolo," meaning "small."

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