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Thursday, April 22, 2010


Japanese Name: うたたん
Literal Translation: Widdle Song
Released: February 2001
Original Japanese: WWW PDF

Utatan and Hamu-chan are very close friends. They are always together even up in the trees for afternoon naps, taking baths, and cooking. This fun Utatan has a popular colored pencil design and a warm fuzzy cute touch.


Widdle Song

Utatan has a gentle personality. Utatan is good at making pancakes and is popular with everyone.

おっとりした性格。ホットケーキを 作るのが得意で、みんなの人気者です。
Little Hamster

Hamu-chan is Utatan's best friend and kinda a food hog. He has a bad habit where he completely eats Utatan's portions...

うたたんの親友で、くいしんぼう。 うたたんの分まで食べてしまう、 悪いくせが・・・


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