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Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Shiawase Nyanko

Shiawase Nyanko

しあわせにゃんこ Happiness Kitty July 2001 San-X PDF

Fortune-telling is interesting and causes your heart to beat. The cute kitty angel beckons for happiness to come to you. The mentality tests focus on aspects such as feng shui¹ and blood types,² and there are also various fortune-telling items and good luck charms!! There are items with genuine gemstones!!


Shiawase Nyanko
Happy Kitty

Shiawase Nyanko is a kitty angel who works hard to help everyone become happy. She loves sweets and taking baths. This kitten wants to make everyone happy by increasing everyone's fortune concerning love. She is always searching for the best form of happiness for each person.

しあわせにゃんこは、みんなをしあわせにしようとがんばっているネコ天使だよ。 甘いものとお風呂が大好き。 みんなの恋愛運をUPさせてくれるしあわせのにゃんこです。 その人にとって一番いい幸せの形をいつもさがしている。
Kinun Nyanko
Luck with Money Kitty

He is Shiawase Nyanko's younger brother. His hobby is steadily saving money. Apparently, somehow he and Devilkun get along. He increases your savings. He is a cat angel who works hard to bring luck with money to everyone. His nickname is Kinchan. However, while he knows that just money is not the key to good fortune, he is always thinking about how to attract luck with money for people.

しあわせにゃんこの弟。 貯金が趣味のしっかりもの。 デビルくんとはなぜか気があうらしい。 金運をUPさせてくれる。 みんなに金運をもたらそうとがんばっているネコ天使。 通称金ちゃん。でも、お金だけが幸運のカギじゃないこともよく知っていてその人にあった金運のひきよせ方をいつも考えている。
Widdle Meow

He is Shiawase Nyanko's boyfriend. He is active and loves sports. His special skill is magic tricks. He increases fortunes concerning health and sporting activity.

Little Devil

This cat has the opposite personality of the others and loves to do tricks. He is a childhood friend of Nyantan. He causes misfortune that conquers a strong will.

いたずら好きなあまのじゃくネコ。 にゃんたんとは幼なじみ。 逆境に打ち勝つ強い意志を与えてくれる。


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Translation Notes
  1. Feng shui (風水) is an ancient Chinese system of aesthetics believed to utilize the laws of both Heaven (astronomy) and Earth (geography) to help one improve life by receiving positive qi, an active principle forming part of any living thing. Wikipedia: Feng shui
  2. The Japanese blood type theory of personality is a popular belief that a person's ABO blood type is predictive of their personality, character, and compatibility with others. This belief has been carried over to a certain extent into other parts of East Asia, including South Korea and China. In all these places, asking someone their blood type is considered as normal as asking their astrological sign. It is also common for Japanese-made video games (especially role-playing games) and manga series to include blood type with character descriptions. Wikipedia: Blood type

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