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Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Berry Puppy

ベリーパピィ Berry Puppy September 2009 San-X PDF

Berry Puppy, ♪the strawberry feeling fluffy dog♪, joins the group!

♪イチゴキブンノモコモココイヌ♪Berry Puppy新登場!


She is a fluffy puppy that loves strawberries. She wears her favorite hat that is the shape of a strawberry cap to have the feeling of a strawberry.♪ Her personality is that she is unfussy.

イチゴが大好きなモコモコ子犬. お気に入りのヘタの形の帽子をがぶってイチゴのキブン♪ おっとりした性格.

She likes pranks. Her favorite is jam.♪ She loves Puppy's fluffy fur.

イタズラがすき. すきなものはジャム♪ パピイのモコモコの毛がだいすき


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