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Monday, May 6, 2013

Sweet Resort

Sweet Resort

Japanese Name: スイートリゾート
Literal Translation: Sweet Resort
Released: March 2002
Original Japanese: WWW

This year's hibiscus, the fruit that everyone loves, and the popular around town camouflage design come together for this cute series! There are lots of designs with polka dots and stripes and hibiscus camouflage to collect and be distinguished between friends!!

今年のハイビスカスは、みんなが大好きなフルーツと、街で大旅行している迷彩をくみあわせたキュートなシリーズ!! 水玉やストライプ、迷彩のハイビスカスもたくさんあるから、いろんなグッズを集めておともだちと差をつけちゃお!!


Almost summer time and this cute series is perfect for the coming warm weather!

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