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Monday, May 20, 2013



Japanese Name: ねこりん
Literal Translation: Little Cat1
Released: February 2004
Original Japanese: WWW & WWW

Necorin is a fluffy pure white kitten. She wears her favorite red ribbon around her neck. She spends everyday leisurely, enjoying milk and afternoon naps. She plays, full of energy, with her friends, Mocha and Pudding! These goods come in the sparkly prints with a fashionable purpose that everyone loves!

This series features “Pudding” and “Mocha” of the kittens family. These kitties love mischief, and follows their daily habits of climbing the curtains, ringing the wind chimes, and drinking the water from the goldfish bowl.

ふわふわ真っ白なこねこのねこりん。首元の赤いリボンがお気に入り。 ミルクとおひるねが大好きで毎日のんびり暮らしています お友達のモカとぶりんと元気いっぱいに遊んでいるよ! 商品にはみんなの大好きなきらきらラメ印刷や、流行のおしゃれなパールピースがたくさんついているよ!

わが家のにゃんこ“ぷりん”と“モカ”がモデルのシリーズです。 イタズラ大好きなにゃんこ達の日課は、カーテンにのぼって風鈴を鳴らすことと、金魚鉢の水を飲むこと。

Little Cat1

Necorin is a sheltered girl2 who receives ample affection from her father. She has a meek and kind personality. She spends her days without any troubles, but when Purin and Moca come around...She’s a pedigree girl from a good family line.


Purin is Moca’s younger sister. She loves naps, eating, and mischief. She has a jovial personality. She doesn’t get along well with crows, so she certainly has a cowardly side as well. Lately, it looks like she’s been gaining weight, and can’t jump as well.


Moca is an inquisitive boy. He sets out to explore anything he has an interest in. He has a simple personality. He loves to have races to the top of high places. He hates baths. He was originally a stray, but the next door elderly lady found him and brought him home.

Little Birdies

These birdies are nimble and quick. Pudding and Mocha are always trying to aim for them, but the birdies are one step ahead. They’re very good friends with Necorin, easily perching on her head.

Little Turtle

Kamekun lives in the garden pond. We don’t know how old he is, doing things at his own pace. He is wise and understanding, and acts as Necorin’s good advisor.

Omocha no Nezumi
Mouse Toy

When you wind him up, he cheeps as he runs around. He was broken by Pudding and Mocha, but the husband of the family fixed him up. He’s Necorin’s favorite toy.



Dani is back with more translations! There will be a cat theme as she loves cats...! Thank you, Dani :D

Translation Notes

1. Similar to "kun," "rin" is another suffix for names.

2. 箱入り娘 literally means “girl inside of a box" meaning a sheltered girl.

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