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Monday, January 28, 2013

Usa Usa Resort

Usa Usa Resort

Japanese Name: うさうさリゾート
Literal Translation: Bunny Bunny Resort
Released: April 2001
Original Japanese: WWW

A resort where lots of enjoyment prospers, the bunnies are completely having fun! The mood of this resort and photos of the popular ocean and sky come together for the very cute series. There are lots of experiences flourishing at the popular resort! It looks like the bunnies are having fun! They are completely doing surfing… and diving. But they are having too much fun, watch out!

楽しいことが盛りだくさんのリゾートでは、うさぎだって楽しんじゃう!そんなリゾート気分のうさぎと、人気の海、空写真と合わせた、とってもキュートなシリーズです。 人気のリゾート体験が盛りだくさん! うさうさ達も楽しそう! サーフィンしていたり… ダイビングだってしちゃいます。 でも遊びすぎには、注意してね!


I think we all want to go to this cute resort and have fun like these bunnies!

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  1. No way! I actually have a memo pad of this character. I bought it ages ago (without knowing what it was).

    Thanks for posting this and letting me know :D