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Monday, October 8, 2012



Japanese Name: チェリーベリー
Literal Translation: Cherryberry
Released: February 2002
Original Japanese: WWW

There are lots of juicy photos of the strawberries and cherries that everyone loves!! The close friend rabbit sisters, Cherry and Berry, enjoy the fresh fruit.



The elder sister rabbit, Cherry, is a fashionable one sporting a cherry earring. With her good friend and sister, Berry, she enjoys the loved fruit.

お姉さんウサギのチェリーは、さくらんぼの耳飾りをつけたおしゃれさん。 仲良しの妹ウサギ・ベリーと大好きなフルーツの中で遊んでいます。

The favorite of the spoiled younger sister rabbit, Berry, is more than anything the big, bittersweet, fiercely red strawberries!! She is always with her loved elder sister rabbit, Cherry!!

甘えんぼうな妹ウサギ・ベリーのお気に入りは、なんといっても 大きくって甘ずっぱいまっかなイチゴ!!大好きなお姉さんウサギ・チェリーといつもいっしょ!!


It seems like there is another San-X "Cherry Berry" character and that will be a mystery to solve for another day. Today we have two little bunny sisters who love fresh fruit! Yum, me too!

Japanese Culture

Japanese people love everything fresh and also they love to be healthy! We can learn from them and eat fruit instead of cakes, sweets, and other junk food. :)

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  1. I think the older versions of Puchi usa might be a “cherry berry”