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Monday, October 29, 2012

Azarashi Chap

Azarashi Chap

Japanese Name: あざらしチャップ
Literal Translation: Seal Chap
Released: ?

How do you do? My name is Chap, the Seal. Chap and Tako-chan1 are good friends. They do everything together. Although they sometimes fight, they quickly say "gomen ne"2 and make up. When taking a nap, Chap met Katatsumuri-kun.3 Chap won against Katatsumuri-kun. However, Chap fell into a hole and got a big bump on his head.


So cute! My favorite animals are seals so I had to put this guy up! His story is from the merchandise letter set so I don't have a Japanese version... Check out the image for a visual of the meeting of Chap and Katatsumuri-kun and how Chap ended up in the hole!

Translation Notes

  1. "Tako" (タコ) means "octopus" so Tako-chan means "Little Tako."

  2. "Gomen ne" (ごめんね) means "I'm sorry."

  3. "Katatsumuri" (カタツムリ) means "snail" so Katatsumuri-kun is "Little Snail."

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