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Monday, September 24, 2012

Sugar Recipe

Sugar Recipe

Japanese Name: シュガーレシピ
Literal Translation: Sugar Recipe
Released: March 2004
Original Japanese: WWW

The sweets that everyone loves became stationary and goods! They also gained cute faces! The popping colorful hues usage is really fashionable! It seems that just by looking at them your tummy gets hungry!

Various cakes and fruit appear! Look for your favorite in stores!

みんながだいすきなお菓子が文具と雑貨になったよ! しかもかわいい顔つき! ポップでカラフルな色づかいがとってもおしゃれ! 見ているだけでおなかがすいて来ちゃいそうだね! いろんなケーキやフルーツが登場!あなたのお気に入りをお店で見つけてね!


These sweets sure look cute and yummy! Another example of San-X going for the type of cute that is so cute you could just eat them up! They do make me feel hungry by looking at them...

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