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Monday, July 23, 2012



Japanese Name: ちいかば
Literal Translation: Little Hippopotamus1
Released: ?

A reeeally little hippopotamus, Chiikaba. His head is heavy. His mouth is big. There are many of them. He can't wake up.

とっても小さなカバちいかば。 頭が重い。口が大きい。たくさんいる。起きれない。


Here we have a super cute little hippo! He seems to like fried eggs.

Japanese Culture

Japanese people love all that is cute and small, possibly as a result of the small amount of space available for each person in the small apartments.

Translation Notes

  1. "Chiisana" is small in Japanese and "kaba" is hippopotamus, so the name Chiikaba is a combination of those two words.

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