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Saturday, May 1, 2010

Hamuchan Shoutengai

Hamuchan Shoutengai
Japanese Name: ハムちゃん商店街
Literal Translation: Little Hamster Shopping District
Released: September 2000
Original Japanese: WWW PDF

In "Hamuchan Shoutengai," there are various shops and stores including eateries, bento shops, clothing stores, and cafes!! However, the merchandise and menus of the shops cater to Hamuchan...therefore, the shopping district is always filled with hamsters.



Hamu Jinja

Japanese Name: ハム神社
Literal Translation: Hamster Shinto Shrine
Released: February 2001
Original Japanese: WWW PDF

They will grant your wish. In the hamster Shinto shrine, there are tons of cute omamori!1 These good fortune inviting little hamsters can help with everyone's dreams! Since there are omamori1 for "love," "studies," "money," "friendship," and "good fortune," choose what you like!


Hamu Ginkou

Japanese Name: ハム銀行
Literal Translation: Hamster Bank
Released: February 2001
Original Japanese: WWW PDF

Here is the bank in Hamuchan Shoutengai! Hamu Ginkou is looking forward to providing the special services regarding money.



Translation Notes

  1. Omamori (お守り) are Japanese amulets dedicated to particular Shinto deities as well as Buddhist figures. The word mamori (守り) means protection, with omamori meaning "honorable protector." Wikipedia: Omamori

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